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DryGair Energies Ltd. was established in 2010 in order to design, develop and market an efficient and environment-friendly dehumidification solution for horticultural projects.

DryGair has been leading the horticulture dehumidifiers market for over a decade, specializing in humidity control and monitoring. Our unique solution was developed solely to address growers’ needs.

DryGair’s horticultural and engineering knowledge and experience are infused into our top of the line products, built with the highest manufacturing standards.

We provide a key element in climate control, giving growers much more than just humidity reduction.

Daily DryGair use drastically reduces energy consumption by cutting the need for heating and ventilating. It also helps growers improve their crops’ quality and yield, as well as reduce CO2 waste.

The greatest advantage of DryGair, however, is the fast return on investment. DryGair dehumidifiers provide the best ROI in commercial horticulture humidity control, making DryGair the leading dehumidifier brand in key markets. In a competitive and conservative field, which is slow to adopt new technologies, DryGair’s market share is steadily rising.

We put customers’ needs first and we’re always available to provide uncompromising support.

As our customers say, DryGair is a vital, must-have growing tool. We’re proud of our unique solution and certain any grower would be proud to have #DryGairInside

 DryGair Energies Ltd. shareholders are Misha Refrigeration Ltd. and Antan Investment GmbH:

Misha Refrigeration Ltd. is responsible for the technology aspect of the company, with over 60 years of experience and know-how in refrigeration, air treatment technologies, and solutions for agriculture, pharmaceutical, and additional industries.

For more information: www.misha-ref.com

Antan Investment Group is a German family-owned investment group that has been operating since 1950. As part of its philosophy, the group invests in green sustainable projects and companies in the agriculture sector, energy industry, alternative energy and energy saving solutions.

For more information: www.antan.de

Company Values

Innovation and Efficiency

DryGair aims to lead the industry of dehumidifiers and climate control in greenhouses worldwide.

Sustainability and “green” environment

DryGair contributes to a clean environment. Implementation of our unit in a greenhouse reduces energy use, CO2 emissions, and the need for pesticides.


The greenhouses’ requirements vary among different locations worldwide. DryGair designed a line of diverse products that can be easily integrated into different types of greenhouses.

The customer comes first

Our end customers are the plants, and their needs are our top priority.


Our daily work is based on a team effort. DryGair’s team consistently accompanies DryGair’s users throughout the growing process.

Cooperation and support

DryGair’s large data base and experts assist the grower to achieve maximum results. We believe that DryGair’s users are our long-term partners and we are always attentive to their feedback and needs.

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