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DryGair is an efficient solution to humidity problems.

The DryGair concept allows the grower to control the climate in the greenhouse while keeping it closed. The concept was implemented and operated in different areas, climate zones, and crops, and offers different growing methods around the world. The DryGair concept provides many benefits for the grower including saving energy, reducing humidity, and improving yield.

We can help prevent yield losses while we improve environmental control.

Humidity control

Humidity control

The main objective of the DryGair concept is to control humidity levels.

DryGair condenses the water from the greenhouse’s humid air and circulates it back warmer and drier above the plants. Humidity is responsible for 40%-70% of the energy used in greenhouses which constitutes a significant part of the grower’s operational expenses.

High Energy Cost

Energy savings

The traditional method for controlling humidity is opening and ventilating the greenhouse.

DryGair concept enables the grower to keep the greenhouse closed and to avoid inserting external air during cold hours. The energy invested to dehumidify the air in the greenhouse is converted into heat that can contribute to a temperature rise of up to 8°C. DryGair’s return on investment from energy savings only is 2-4 years (depending on the type of crop, the type of greenhouse and the method of operation).

Climate Change

Optimal homogeneous climate conditions

The climate inside the greenhouse can be controlled in an efficient method.

The air distribution concept creates uniformity and homogeneous conditions throughout the greenhouse. Uniform conditions are essential to a commercial grower.

Growing tool

Growing tool

The closed greenhouse offers the grower maximum control of all climate conditions in the growing space.

DryGair helps the grower achieve better control of the size and quantity of the crop, the growing period, and the time to market.

Better yield: quality and quantity

Better yield: quality and quantity

DryGair improves the quality of the crops and increases the production.

The improved climate conditions in the greenhouse ensure better-growing conditions for the plant.

Prevention of humidity diseases Reduction of the need for pesticides

Prevention of humidity diseases / Reduction of the need for pesticides

DryGair maintains the required humidity level inside the greenhouse.

This prevents humidity diseases caused by inconsistent conditions around the crop. Prevention of diseases reduces the need for pesticides.  It can be very helpful for an organic greenhouse.

Less CO2 loss

Less CO2 loss

In order to enrich the greenhouse with CO2 growers burn expensive fuel and increase their costs.

Kyoto Protocol requires that all countries reduce their total CO2 emissions. DryGair can prevent the CO2 emission of ~73,000 ton of CO2 per Hectare/year (according to the World Bank (2011) 1 ton of CO2 is worth $8.12/Ton).

Saving working hours

Saving working hours

Using DryGair you can reduce the working hours required for spraying pesticides and controlling climate conditions.

It simplifies the operation of the greenhouse. In addition, the crop is dry and can be treated during early morning hours.

Greener environment and sustainability

Greener environment and sustainability

Today, most countries adopt policies that promote sustainability,

such as reduction of the carbon emissions and energy use, reduction in water and soil pollution, and reduction in pesticides’ usage. DryGair contributes to these goals.

Limitation on the Usage of Pesticides

Organic premium

The term “pesticide-free” can contribute to the grower’s income,

as an organic products’ premium (usually approx. 15%). DryGair concept can reduce the need for pesticides and enables an organic grower to safely harvest all the crop, without loss and without humidity diseases.

Dense crops

Dense crops

The need to keep a large space between the plants

in order to avoid humidity problems makes it difficult for growers to increase yield. DryGair makes this need redundant, enabling the grower to plant more seedling and closer, thus increasing production and yield without fear from uncontrolled humidity.

Reuse water

Re-use water (45L/h 12G/h)

DryGair by-product is water. The distilled water with a PH level suitable for irrigation

can be used for different purposes (cooling systems, irrigation).The content of the water is influenced by the air and the materials used in the greenhouse. The water is not suitable for drinking.

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