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A New Way to Grow – Innovative Greenhouse Growing

A New Way to Grow is a holistic and innovative way to grow plants in the greenhouse. It combines efficient lighting, thermal screens, and dehumidifiers to achieve ideal growing conditions. This method was developed by agronomists and climate experts in order to optimize growth and yields and maximize energy savings.

Growing according to these principles can save an average of 50% on energy usage, minimize toxic sprays, and improve yield size and quality.


Close the Greenhouse and Use Thermal Screens

The first step in gaining control over growing conditions, is to close the greenhouse. Closing windows and vents, spreading thermal screens, and improving insulation will help keep heat inside the greenhouse. This lets growers drastically reduce their heating requirements, and therefore reduce their energy consumption.

Thermal screens are a critical part of this. Deploying a single thermal screen can reduce heat loss by around 60%. However, growers can take this one step further, and incorporate multiple screens. Combining 2, or even 3 screens, can boost heat retention up to as much as 90%.

Reducing such a large amount of heat loss directly impacts heating protocols. If you can retain 90% of the heat you generate inside the greenhouse, you effectively reduce heating by 90%. That’s a lot of energy savings.

Use Efficient LED Grow Lights

The next step in optimizing growth is to provide optimal lighting for your crop. Lighting used to require a lot of energy. However, new LED technologies let growers light their greenhouse at a significantly lower cost.

Growers can use grow lights as a supplement, or even replace sunlight at certain times. This way the plants always receive the ideal radiation and light spectrum.

Using grow lights also provides full coverage and uniformity during the entire day. So you can completely avoid fluctuations or low radiation caused by natural weather patterns.


Control Humidity Using Dehumidifiers

Closing the greenhouse, spreading thermal screens, and using powerful grow lights, causes a serious issue – high humidity.

Traditionally, greenhouse growers would combine heating and venting in order to combat humidity. However, this method is problematic, being very inefficient, and often even ineffective.

Letting air out of the greenhouse also releases heat, so growers need to constantly reheat. This constant heating requires massive amounts of energy and is a major expense for growers. Especially in colder climates like those found in N. America and Europe.

The heat and vent method for humidity control was developed decades ago, long before greenhouse dehumidifiers were commercially available. Today, state of the art, commercial horticulture dehumidifiers are readily available, and any grower can incorporate them in the greenhouse.

Using dehumidifiers to remove humidity from the greenhouse completely solves the problem of humidity, with zero ventilation. So growers can keep the greenhouse completely closed, and treat humidity from the inside.

DryGair dehumidifiers are designed specifically for horticultural environmental control. They’re optimized for maximum energy efficiency and are engineered to be as effective as possible under real-world greenhouse conditions. Using DryGair, rather than ventilation, can save 50% on energy consumption, and more.

DryGair dehumidifiers also provide the added benefit of air circulation, included in every DG model. The patented air circulation mechanism uses 360° air distribution to ensure uniform conditions everywhere in the greenhouse.

Maximize Yields and Energy Savings

Combining thermal screens, efficient lighting and DryGair dehumidifiers creates the perfect conditions for greenhouse growing. It gives growers full control over their growing conditions, without compromising humidity.

The profitability of using these growing principles is directly impacted by energy prices. As energy prices rise, this method becomes more and more profitable, reducing the ROI on the necessary systems and equipment.

DryGair is compatible with all controlled environments, including greenhouses and grow rooms, as well as hydroponic and vertical farming. For more information, consultation, or to receive a professional recommendation, please contact us.

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