‘DryGair Experience’ 2024 – Valuable Tour to Advanced Dutch Nurseries

Our annual ‘DryGair Experience’ tour, co-organized with Royal Brinkman, was once again eye-opening and insightful.

Together with dozens of growers, greenhouse operators, and researchers from around the world, we visited Nolina and Nieuwkoop Europe.

Nolina Kwekerijen

Nolina is a large nursery that grows flowers and ornamental plants on 24 hectares of land, 11 of which are under glass. The company utilizes advanced technologies and machinery to optimize their cultivation process.

As such, DryGair DG-12 units are used across the nursery to control humidity and create uniform conditions. These prevent diseases and promote larger yields of high-quality products.

Nieuwkoop Europe

Nieuwkoop grows wholesale ornamental and potted plants, providing products to over 40 countries across the globe. The 7-hectare greenhouse is divided into multiple compartments, each with its own climate, including those for tropical plants and trees.

In the greenhouse are 18 DG-12 dehumidifiers, installed to provide ideal growing conditions in each of these compartments.

The company installed DryGair several months ago and reports an average of 35% energy savings during these months.

“We have compartments without DryGair. But they don’t have plants either”

Thank You & Join Us Next Year

We would like to thank everyone who joined us, as well as our partners Royal Brinkman, and of course our host greenhouses. We hope to see you next year, at ‘DryGair Experience’ 2025!