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DryGair Part of Israeli Ag Tech Revolution – Featured in FruitNet Magazine

DryGair has recently been mentioned in a FruitNet article titled “Israel Driving Ag-Tech Revolution”, introducing four global companies from the Israeli agtech sector.

The article discusses DryGair’s ability to save energy, existing and emerging horticulture markets, and insights from DryGair VP, Ziv Shaked.

The following includes excerpts from the original article. Read the full article on FruitNet’s EuroFruit magazine.

DryGair Helps Growers Save Energy

It may be counterintuitive to think that adding machinery can reduce energy consumption, but that’s what DryGair does.

When growers open the greenhouse or ventilate to get rid of moisture, significant amounts of energy are wasted. Ventilation releases heat, causing climatic fluctuations and the need to re-heat the space. With DryGair, there is no need for ventilation, as humidity is controlled from inside the greenhouse.

Due to DryGair’s ability to control the humidity without external air sources, windows and vents can stay closed, and by spreading thermal screens for insulation, heating costs can be greatly reduced.

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