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Dutch Young Executives Visit Volcani Center with DryGair

We recently had the pleasure of hosting a group of young professionals from the Netherlands’ horticulture sector. Together, we visited the Volcani Agriculture Research Center, where DryGair was first developed.

Young Executives Program

Young Executives” is a program that helps young professionals gain the knowledge and expertise needed to develop themselves as leaders in the horticulture sector. It’s a 2-year program, hosted by Florpartners, and is aimed towards 20–30-year-old individuals.

The Dutch young professionals recently visited Israel. During which they were invited to the Volcani Center to see the research that takes place at the center and participate in a conference about the current state of the horticulture.

Energy Is Horticulture’s Biggest Problem

During the conference, the group was asked what they view as the biggest problem for the future of horticulture. The answer, almost unanimously, was energy.

Over the past year, energy availability has wavered, leading to wild fluctuations in prices. This is, without a doubt, a big problem for commercial growers, as energy is one of the biggest expenses in the field.

The future of horticulture, therefore, relies on innovation and energy saving technologies. Such technologies already exist, like DryGair. However, the shift in mindset needed to widely adopt these technologies is relatively slow. For these reasons, it’s important to continue to educate and train tomorrow’s industry leaders, as the “Young Executives” program does.

We’re proud to be able to host such bright young minds and see it as part of our mission to contribute from our knowledge and experience.

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