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FloralDaily – Meet DryGair at IFTF to Discuss Energy Savings

Ornamental cultivation magazine, FloralDaily, invites IFTF visitors to discuss energy savings with DryGair.

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Energy is one of the biggest challenges for greenhouse growers in general, and flower growers in particular, this coming winter. Energy prices have risen substantially, and continue to fluctuate, leading to a lot of uncertainty.

The energy crisis has led more and more growers to look for solutions, with the goal of improving energy efficiency and cutting costs.

Saving Energy with DryGair

DryGair was developed to solve one of the biggest energy inefficiencies in the greenhouse sector – humidity control.

Traditionally, growers deal with high humidity by opening windows and vents to release moisture. This practice is still extremely common these days. However, by releasing air from the greenhouse, you also release heat, so you must keep heating continuously to maintain ideal temperatures.

By using DryGair in the greenhouse, growers can fully control humidity from the inside, without releasing any air.

The energy savings DryGair helps achieve are anchored in growers’ real-life experiences. Over the past decade, growers have seen an average of 50% savings on total energy consumption, using DG. That adds up to a very quick ROI of 1-3 years, which shortens as energy prices rise.

Meet DryGair at IFTF and MJBizCon

We will be presenting at two upcoming industry events. Stop by to chat with our team, or schedule a meeting ahead of time by following the links:

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