GreenTech 2024 – Insights and Lessons

GreenTech 2024 was packed with new technologies, possibilities, and insights into the future of global horticulture.

We’re proud to, once again, be a part of this event, and would like to thank everyone who showed interest in DryGair and its ability to optimize growing environments, improve production, and reduce the environmental impact of cultivation.


Dehumidification Becoming a Necessity

Growers from around the world have expressed the need to control humidity in their CEA facilities, for a variety of reasons.

While dehumidification has always been a solution to prevent diseases such as botrytis, it has quickly been realized as a tool that can provide much more. Effective humidity control allows you to close your environment. This leads to a multitude of benefits.


Growers Seeking Yield Improvements

Operating within a closed environment lets you provide optimal growing conditions that improve quality and increase yields. Besides preventing diseases that lead to yield loss, the ideal growing conditions also quicken growth and allow the plants to develop fast, to large sizes, and maximize fruit production or flower quality. It also allows for more plants to be placed in a denser set up.

Overall, this is a major point for many cultivators around the world, as it’s a simple way to increase the profitability of a set space.


Sustainability Is the Future

One of the biggest talking points at this year’s GreenTech, was sustainability. As the world progresses, the need to reduce emissions is becoming both profitable, and in some cases, necessary.

As a solution that reduces energy requirements, DryGair has been at the forefront of this issue. Growers who use DryGair report energy savings averaging 50%, leading to significantly lower carbon emissions.

Additionally, the reduction of pesticide use that DryGair enables reduces the toxicity of production. This contributes to a lower overall environment footprint.


Optimizing CO2 Utilization

Another interesting topic at GreenTech was CO2. As carbon dioxide assists production, by increasing plant activity and stimulating growth and development, it is a valuable resource in greenhouses and grow rooms.

It was surprising to learn that CO2 is quickly becoming an expensive and limited resource for growers who rely on supplemental injections for their facilities. As such, carbon capturing technologies are being developed to assist growers in obtaining carbon dioxide.

Of course, growing in a closed environment, as DryGair enables, retains the CO2 produced by the plants. This has been shown to lead to higher concentrations of carbon dioxide in the space, without any additional supplements. As the price and availability of this resource is becoming a challenge, it’s becoming and more effective to retain it, rather than purchase it.


Thank You for Joining Us

We would like to thank the GreenTech organizers, our partners Royal Brinkman, and of course, everyone who visited us to discuss DryGair’s potential to improve their production. We hope to see you next year.