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HortiDaily Interview DryGair Co-Founder & CTO Dan Peltinov

Leading Horticulture magazine, HortiDaily, recently sat down with our very own Dan Peltinov. They discuss why growers should incorporate dehumidifiers in their initial greenhouse plan, rather than retroactively.

The following are excerpts from the article. To read the full interview, visit HortiDaily.

Dehumidification Saves Energy

“With a dehumidifier in the space, completely controlling humidity from inside, there’s much less need to ventilate. Growers can then close windows and vents, improve insulation, install thermal screens, and keep heat inside the greenhouse for much longer. By doing this, you can save as much as 50% on energy. With energy prices rising, those costs keep growing.

How to Calculate the ROI on Dehumidifiers

“Greenhouse planners should compare both scenarios. The first being without dehumidification, meaning a slightly lower initial investment but higher energy costs and more infrastructure. The second scenario includes dehumidifiers in the initial design, which may increase initial costs a bit, but contribute to lower operational costs going forward. The running costs being mostly dependent on energy prices. Our experience shows that the return on investment of including DryGair is usually under two years.”

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