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How Humidity Affects Grow Room Energy Efficiency – Featured in Cannabis Tech Magazine

Energy prices are skyrocketing, affecting many indoor cannabis growers’ ability to grow at a profit. We’ve recently written for Cannabis Tech Magazine, discussing the most efficient way to control humidity in cannabis grow rooms, and save on energy.

The following includes excerpts from the original article. Read the full article on Cannabis Tech.

Cannabis’ Mold Problem

Slow growth and low bud development isn’t the only problem with high humidity. In fact, it’s not even the biggest problem. One issue every cannabis grower faces, is mildew, most commonly bud rot (botrytis) and powdery mildew.

Besides killing your plants and harming your buds, mold poses a very serious regulatory issue. Moldy cannabis flower, whether meant for distribution or further processing, doesn’t uphold regulations, such as GMP.


HVAC Vs. Dehumidifiers

HVAC systems aren’t designed for optimal water extraction. In order to continuously reduce humidity, the HVAC must run non-stop, often alternating between cooling and heating, just to maintain moisture extraction. This is highly inefficient, as HVACs require a lot of energy.

Crowded cannabis grow rooms generate massive amounts of moisture. So, due to HVAC’s inefficiency, it takes a very large system to be able to handle it. If the HVAC were to deal solely with temperature, on the other hand, you could get by with a much smaller system.


DG-X – The Most Efficient Indoor Dehumidifier

When you consider the bottom line of building and running an indoor cannabis grow op, dehumidifiers simply have the upper hand in humidity control.

Especially if you use a dehumidifier designed specifically for indoor cannabis cultivation, such as DryGair’s DG-X. These dehumidifiers are engineered for this highly specific task, and so provide the most effective and efficient solution.

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