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Thank You for Visiting Us at IFTF 2022

IFTF 2022 in Amsterdam has come to a close. As always, it was a great industry event, bringing together everyone in the ornamental industry, from growers to equipment manufacturers, and more.

We would like to thank everyone who visited our booth at IFTF, with our partners Royal Brinkman. Our team was present to showcase our DG dehumidifiers and discuss how we help growers save significant amounts of energy.

Saving Energy in the Greenhouse Flower Industry

Growing flowers, like other greenhouse crops, is an energy intensive business. With energy being one of the main challenges this coming winter, there is a lot of interest in energy saving technologies.

We’re proud to provide growers with a solution that has been proven to save an average of 50% on overall energy consumption. This is a significant amount that can make the difference between profit and loss.

Learn how DryGair saves as much as 70% on energy

Improving Flower Cultivation

Saving energy is a major part of what DryGair helps growers achieve. But that’s not all. By using DG dehumidifiers to control humidity, flower growers can create the perfect conditions for their crops, without relying on the weather.

That means closing the greenhouse and controlling the climate entirely from inside. DryGair’s patented air circulation module also creates uniform conditions, so all flowers grow evenly and uniformly.

Optimal growing conditions help prevent diseases and blemishes, and contribute to higher quality flowers – stronger, healthier, and more vibrant.

For more information on DryGair’s benefits in flower cultivation, read our Flower Case Study. The study includes real data from large-scale gerbera, alstroemeria, and potted plant growers in the Netherlands.

Interested in hearing more, or receiving a customized recommendation for your facility? Please feel free to contact us.

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