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NZGrower – Prevent Winter Moulds and Diseases Using DryGair

New Zealand horticulture magazine, NZGrower, recently published an article about using DryGair to prevent diseases and molds during the winter.

Read the full article in NZGrower, July 2022, Page 60.

Dehumidifiers Provide Best Defense Against Molds and Diseases

Dehumidifiers provide full coverage against diseases, at all times, without opening the greenhouse for ventilation. By avoiding the necessary conditions for mould development, you can ensure a very high prevention rate, even in the most problematic periods.

Besides being more effective, dehumidifiers are also much more efficient. Designed specifically for the task of extracting moisture in a greenhouse environment, dehumidifiers require a lot less energy to get the job done.


Disease Prevention & Energy Savings with DryGair

Using a dedicated dehumidifier that is made for use in horticultural environments, such as DryGair, can save as much as 50 percent on energy. Needless to say, heating costs are tied to energy prices. So as energy prices rise, so does the cost of heating and venting, making dehumidification more and more economically viable.

Interested in an efficient solution to diseases and molds in your growing facility? Please feel free to contact us!

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