DryGair at Cultivate 2021

Cultivate 2021 was fantastic. It’s a great feeling to finally be able to attend in person and meet everyone. We really missed it! It’s always exciting to get one of our DG-12‘s to an exhibition and be able to show it off. We would like to thank everyone that stopped by our booth and had […]

Medical Cannabis Pioneer better uses DryGair to Grow Unique Strains to Treat PTSD

Kan, the Israeli Public Broadcast Corporation, has recently released a short documentary about better, a global medical cannabis pioneer. better use advanced organic growing methods to provide patients with high quality cannabis. They also develop their own cannabis strains and participate in groundbreaking medical and horticultural research. One of better’s focus points, highlighted in the […]

DryGair Is Tackling One of the Biggest Challenges in Cannabis Cultivation – Humidity

These are excerpts from an article originally published in IsraelAgri’s Medical Cannabis, June 2021. The article discusses the development of DryGair and how its used to solve some of the biggest challenges in cannabis cultivation. The Problem with Humidity in Cannabis Cultivation Cannabis is highly regulated. So using toxic fungicides to manage mildew outbreaks isn’t […]

Why Climate Uniformity Is Important for Greenhouses and Grow Rooms

Achieving and maintaining climate uniformity, in your greenhouse or grow room, lets you take better control of your environment, and optimize your use of climate control systems. In an uneven climate, growers often find themselves overworking heaters or dehumidifiers, despite having overall comfortable conditions. This is due to humidity problems or diseases popping up in […]

Interview with Hishtil – a Global Horticulture Specialist

Horticulture powerhouse, Hishtil, uses DryGair in their greenhouses to control humidity, create uniform conditions, prevent diseases and save energy. We’ve recently interviewed Yaron Peretz, manager of their Ashkelon greenhouses, to discuss why they chose DryGair, how they use their units, the benefits they reap, and future plans. Watch the Full Hishtil Interview: Tell us a […]

Why Greenhouse Dehumidifiers Aren’t Effective When Using Wet Pad and Fan Systems

Evaporative cooling, such as wet pad and fan systems, is common in greenhouses in warm regions. Growers often ask if, and how, dehumidifiers can work in conjunction with wet pads. The short answer is – they shouldn’t run simultaneously. Pad and fan systems and dehumidifiers have opposite functions, making them negate each other’s operation: Dehumidifiers […]

Drygair’s First Customer in the Netherlands Equips Entire Company with Drygair Units

Kwekerij Marcel Vijverberg, a greenhouse horticultural company in Maasland, Netherlands, equips all facilities with DryGair dehumidifiers. The company grows potted plants and, in spring, mainly hanging and terrace plants. The range consists of more than 55 different varieties in colorful pots. Sustainability is of the utmost importance in his company. Using the latest techniques, energy […]

How Humidity Control Improves Nutrient Transport in Plants

There are many factors that affect plants’ ability to take in nutrients and spread them to the cells within the plant. One of the most effective ways to improve nutrient transport is humidity control. What is Nutrient Transport? Plants are living organisms. Like any living being, they break down nutrients in order to grow and […]

Controlling Humidity, Saving Energy and Improving Yields – by NZGrower Magazine

NZGrower recently published an article on how Southern Belle Orchard in Matamata, NZ use DryGair dehumidifiers to gain full control over their greenhouse humidity, reaping unexpected benefits in the process. Controlling humidity in greenhouses improves crop quality, increases yields and saves energy. Read the article here. We would like to thank Royal Brinkman Australia and […]

Why HVAC Isn’t Enough for Grow Room Humidity Control

Whether you’re incorporating a new HVAC system in your grow room, or suffering from uncontrolled humidity, despite constant HVAC operation – you can achieve a better climate, at a lower cost, by integrating a dehumidifier. HVACs aren’t designed for humidity control HVAC systems are designed for temperature control in industrial or residential environments. Though a […]

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