What is the Problem with Night Time Humidity?

Night time humidity control is critical in greenhouses and grow rooms. Most plants transpire water during the night, as well as during the day, which leads to high relative humidity. This poses a threat of disease outbreaks and molds forming in almost any crop – including vegetables, flowers and cannabis. This is a problem that […]

Preventing Downy Mildew Without Fungicides

Downy mildew is a very common mold, present around the world in greenhouses and grow rooms. It’s a humidity related fungal disease, caused by a family of different oomycetes. While symptoms are slightly different, it’s often misidentified as powdery mildew or gray mold. Mildew affects a wide variety of crops – vegetables, like cucurbits (cucumbers), […]

How to Reduce Greenhouse Light Pollution

In many places in N. America and Europe, residents are complaining about light pollution, in the form of bright purple lights covering the nighttime sky. These strange lights aren’t a mystery, they come from greenhouses. Most commonly, cannabis greenhouses. These complaints are now moving many counties and towns to regulate greenhouse light pollution. Luckily, reducing […]

Are Dehumidifier Water Meters Essential for Greenhouses and Grow Rooms?

The water balance of a greenhouse, or any growing space, is one of the main ways to measure and understand plant activity. The only way to truly gauge the water balance of your growing space, is by using flow meters to measure all your inputs and outputs, including a dehumidifier water meter. This is an […]

Implementing Sustainable Development Goals in Horticulture and Greenhouse Cultivation

In 2015 United Nations Member States adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The agenda provides a blueprint for a sustainable future, by setting 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). SDGs are closely tied with ESG, which stands for Environemntal, Social and Governance. ESG is a metric that measures the non-financial impacts of a company or […]

What is the Best Method for Indoor Humidity Control?

Indoor growing is one of the fastest growing sectors in agriculture. There are plenty of good reasons too. Growing indoors provides full control over the environment, letting growers grow their crops year-round, regardless of season, always maintaining optimal conditions. But indoor cultivation has its challenges. Grow room climate control, as opposed to greenhouses, means completely […]

Greenhouse Humidity Control – Fall and Winter Tips

Fall is already here. The colder temperatures and shorter days have a huge impact on greenhouse climates, and how to control it. So we put together a few tips for greenhouse humidity control in the fall and winter.    When it’s cold outside – close the greenhouse! Lower outdoor temperatures lead to higher outdoor relative […]

Designing an Energy Efficient Greenhouse (feat. Hortinergy)

Growing in a greenhouse has many benefits. The ability to harness natural sunlight, while still controlling the environment is critical for modern cultivation. But operating a greenhouse is energy intensive, especially when they aren’t designed to be energy efficient. Designing a greenhouse is complicated. There are numerous factors to consider and they’re often complicated and […]

Why Drying Rooms Need Dehumidifiers

Drying rooms are an integral part of cannabis production. Post-harvest flowers still contain approximately 80% water. This water needs to be removed before the dry buds can be sold or provided to patients. Drying Rooms Need Humidity Control Dry rooms are built to remove the excess humidity in plants, after harvest. Though the buds are […]

Why Dehumidifiers are Complementary to Greenhouse Lights

Growers around the world use lights to increase their production. Indoor grow rooms require artificial lights as a substitute to sunlight. But many greenhouse growers use artificial lights as well, to lengthen the day, increase radiation intensity or to increase the amount of light on cloudy or rainy days. There’s good reason to add lights […]

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