Marijuana Cultivation in California

4 years ago, a critical decision was made in the state of California. The decision to cancel the criminal sanctions for using marijuana had a rapid influence, boosting commercial cannabis cultivation. All of those who claimed that the legalization would cause an increase of use among teenagers was wrong. After approving the growing of marijuana […]

The Carbon Footprint of Indoor Cannabis Cultivation

There are three main methods to growing cannabis these days. While all are viable, they have different limitations and different levels of control over the grow. One big difference is the carbon footprint of the cannabis cultivation. The first, more basic method to grow cannabis, is outdoors. This way, the cannabis grows outside, utilizing the […]

Marijuana Cultivation in Australia

On March 2016, the Australian government passed a bill which allows the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. The law permits the sale of medicinal marijuana subject to a doctor’s recommendation. As in many countries around the world, the government of Australia decided to approve a law which allows the use of medical cannabis. The […]

Cannabis and Humidity

Medical cannabis cultivation is on the rise, but disease outbreaks are leading to reduced quality and large-scale crop loss. These diseases share a common culprit – humidity. The demand for medical cannabis is constantly growing, driving the cannabis industry to expand accordingly; more licenses equal more growers, more yield equals greenhouses instead of private/small facilities. […]

Growing During the Cold Season

Growers often struggle with greenhouse disease outbreaks during the cold season. But why? Why are diseases more prevelant during cold seasons? To understand why diseases like botrytis appear more often in the winter, it’s important to first understand greenhouse physics. Relative humidity (RH) is the ratio of the amount of water in the air relative […]

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