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Rose Farmer Saves 40% on Energy Using DryGair – From OnderGlas

Dutch horticulture magazine, Onder Glas, published an interview with a commercial rose grower, discussing energy savings and climate control. During the interview, he mentioned that using DryGair for dehumidification has saved him as much as 40% on gas consumption.

The original article was written in Dutch by Mario Bentvelsen for OnderGlas magazine.

Creating Ideal Conditions for Rose Cultivation

Rose grower, van der Hulst, says humidity would be too high in his greenhouse without dehumidification. Since installing DryGair dehumidifiers, he hasn’t had any problems with botrytis or other blemishes on his flowers.

The 3-hectare greenhouse uses multiple DryGair units, each covering 3,500 m². Spreading out the units doesn’t just ensure optimal humidity control, but also creates uniform conditions in the greenhouse through the unique air circulation mechanism.

The fans on the DG dehumidifiers, which can operate separately from the dehumidification, are turned on 24/7 in the rose greenhouse, to keep conditions even.

DryGair Contributes to Significant Energy Savings

Using DryGair is a catalyst for very significant energy savings. By controlling humidity from inside the greenhouse, there’s no need to open the windows or ventilate. So you can keep the heat inside the greenhouse, drastically reducing heating requirements.

Using efficient LED lights also helps to compensate for any lack of radiation. Together, you can provide the ideal conditions for your crops at all times, regardless of the weather. This is part of DryGair’s “New Way to Grow” method.


Image: Ank van Lier