Visit DryGair at Cultivate ’24 for Efficient Dehumidification and Energy Rebate Opportunities

We invite you to visit DryGair at Cultivate ’24, in Columbus, OH. Our team will be present at Booth 335 in Hall C, to discuss your dehumidification needs, as well as financing opportunities, such as relevant utility rebates.

“As the awareness around dehumidification is rising, so are the incentives to install dehumidifiers. In fact, many utility providers across N. America are offering rebates to aid in financing such installations.”, states a recent HortiBiz report.

The following are excerpts from the original HortiBiz article.

“The DryGair system has slowly become a staple in greenhouse cultivation. It is utilized by flower, leafy green, vegetable, and potted plant growers, as well as cannabis producers. It’s used to control humidity, prevent diseases and molds, and save significant amounts of energy.”

LED Lighting Is a Major Force Behind DryGair’s Popularity

One major reason for DryGair’s success in the past few years is the widespread adoption of LED lighting. One such example is told by Simon Hansen, head grower of Miljøgartneriet, Norway’s largest vegetable producer.

“When we started growing with LED lights, we didn’t have any dehumidifiers. To be honest, it was a nightmare. The climate was very irregular, because of the enormous amount of transpiration from the plants under the LEDs.” Says Hansen.

“That’s where DryGair came into the picture. The year after, we installed the DryGair units. It was a whole different world – steerable, controllable, beautiful plants, beautiful products. Today, we have a total of 39 DG-12 units in our facility.”

Widespread Adoption by Cannabis Industry

“Since 2010, cannabis producers around the world have been using DryGair’s system to control humidity in greenhouses, indoor grow rooms, and even drying rooms. The system has proven itself as a useful tool, not only to prevent molds, but also increase yields, improve quality, and even save energy.”

“We invested in DryGair mainly because we had issues with humidity.” says Chad Esch, master grower at SafriCanna, a GMP-approved medical cannabis producer.

“Since using DryGair we’ve seen amazing improvements to our product quality and yield. We’ve been able to significantly reduce the number of molds. At the end of the day, we extract a lot more bud from our rooms than we used to. We’ve also been able to reduce our energy costs by about 50%, because now we don’t have to use the heating system as often as we used to, and we’re ventilating the room a lot less during the evening.”

Visit DryGair at Cultivate ’24 in Columbus, OH, at Booth 335, Hall C