Botrytis is the most common disease caused by humidity. Botrytis influences many different crops, such as Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Peppers, Basil, Roses, Baby leafs, and Cannabis.

Botrytis is a fungus that thrives in humidity levels higher than 85%. Today, the majority of growers spray against botrytis, but due to regulations, this solution is limited. The best solution is to avoid climate conditions which are a platform for Botrytis formation.

Why are cannabis plants so sensitive to humidity?
High humidity creates optimal conditions for the Botrytis fungus to sprout/ thrive. Cannabis flowers are highly dense, the humid air is trapped inside the flowers thus creating the perfect conditions for the Botrytis to spread.

Many cannabis growers strive to maintain relative humidity levels lower than 60%, the reason is cannabis being highly sensitive to botrytis. Cannabis plants evaporate a lot of water, the humidity inside the growing area/greenhouse can easily rise to 100%. With the high humidity, botrytis can easily spread and harm the cannabis.

Botrytis constitutes a problem during the cannabis’ growing process and the post-harvest process- the drying and curing of the cannabis flowers. When the humidity inside the growing room is too high the botrytis will continue spreading, and the result is a flower that cannot be used or distributed.
How to avoid botrytis in cannabis flowers?
Many growers say it is very tricky and even impossible to avoid botrytis in cannabis greenhouse. The traditional solution in greenhouses that do not require black screens is ventilation- the problem is that ventilation is an inefficient expensive solution that many times requires the grower to compromise on the growing conditions.

Another common solution is fungicide – the cannabis is consumed by people and used for medical purposes, no one wants to consume fungicide!

Finally, growers can cut the infected area/ the infected plant and throw it out of the greenhouse, unfortunately, it usually doesn’t solve the problem.

DryGair Energies believes the best way to fight botrytis inside cannabis greenhouses is to treat the factors that instigate the spreading of botrytis. Taking into consideration both the growers and plants’ needs DryGair designed an efficient solution that dehumidifies the greenhouse air, so no humid air is trapped inside the cannabis flowers. Our experience in the field of cannabis greenhouses shows that DryGair dehumidifier is a working, simple and efficient solution.


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