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Humidity inside greenhouse/warehouse is a crucial problem to cannabis growers.

DryGair reduces the humidity and increases the quality and quantity of the cannabis yield.


What does DryGair Dehumidifier do?

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  • Reduces humidity – DG12, the standard unit removes 12 G/h (45 L/h) of water from the air (@ 64°F(18°C)/80%RH). In order to remove more than a 1 gallon (more than 4 liters) of water, the unit invests only 1 kWh of energy!
  • Prevents humidity diseases (such as botrytis).
  • Achieves optimal homogenous climate conditions.
  • Improves yield – quality and quantity (more than 30% of yield!)
  • Saves energy – more than 50% of energy can be saved (depending on the growing facility).
  • Reduces the need for fungicides and pesticides.
  • Promotes a greener environment.

The benefits above can lead to a fast Return On Investment to the grower.

The DryGair dehumidification concept is patent protected.

Cannabis grower from Oregon, USA

DryGair / CannabiSolution

DryGair / CannabiSolution enables growers to reduce humidity while saving energy. No humidity means no mold and no need for pesticides. Our solution enables growers to maximize the control of climate conditions in greenhouses.

DryGair makes your greenhouse greener.

World Leader in Cannabis Dehumidification

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November 2nd, 2017

Botrytis is the most common disease caused by humidity. Botrytis influences  different crops, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, basil, roses and more.

Botrytis is a fungus that thrives in high humidity levels. Today, most growers spray against botrytis, but due to regulations, it is a limited fix. The best solution for Botrytis is to avoid climate conditions which cause it.

Botrytis in cannabis


Cannabis greenhouses with DryGair concept:

DryGair system was integrated into Cannabis greenhouses located in different countries & climate conditions. Some greenhouses were located in cold areas: low temperatures, heating system, with or without a thermal screen, low radiation, and other greenhouses were located in areas with moderate climate conditions: relatively high temperatures throughout most of the year (with heating system and without), high radiation levels, etc.

Cannabis Growing solution in Greenhouse

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