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Discover the DryGair Solution for Cannabis Grow Rooms

DryGair dehumidifiers, developed for professional growers, provide the leading solution for indoor cannabis grow rooms.

Control humidity

prevent diseases

save energy

Cannabis, both medical and recreational, is highly regulated and requires precise growing conditions, to uphold regulations.

DryGair’s dedicated solution for cannabis grow rooms – the DG-X, is a high-capacity, high-efficiency dehumidifier designed for optimal humidity control under the conditions found in cannabis grow rooms, as well as drying rooms.



4000 CFM –


One of the Biggest Problems in Cannabis Cultivation Is Humidity Control

Cannabis constantly transpires massive amounts of water to the environment. Uncontrolled grow rooms can become extremely humid, causing disease outbreaks, such as bud rot, slowing down plant growth, and diminishing your buds’ quality.

We understand the challenges of growing cannabis. The dense buds and crowded plants can easily trap humidity, which increases the likelihood of molds, reduces quality, and may lead to products failing to comply with regulations.

Use DryGair to Ensure Ideal Indoor Growing Conditions for Cannabis

To ensure your cannabis grows in the best conditions, our team of experts calculates the dehumidification capacity required to handle the humidity in your grow room.

With DryGair, growers can reduce diseases and molds, as well as stimulate plant activity – leading to larger yields and higher quality buds.

*DryGair units are fully compliant with all GMP requirements and are fit for commercial cannabis cultivation.

The Benefits of DryGair in Cannabis Grow Rooms:

  • Save Energy
  • Prevent Molds and Diseases Without Pesticides (such as bud rot)
  • Improve Produce Quality
  • Increase Yields
  • Save Water
  • Comply With Regulations

To learn more about DryGair’s solution for cannabis cultivation, please contact our DG experts.

…“I promote the use of DryGair as a focal point in my cultivation environment designs by leveraging its dehumidification, high capacity airflow distribution, and heating & cooling capabilities…”

Eliminate Bud Rot (Botrytis)

Using DryGair to control humidity eliminates bud rot development (also known as botrytis or gray mold).

Bud rot is a fungal pathogen, or mold, that develops in wet conditions, caused by humidity. High relative humidity leads to dew point condensation. When bud rot begins to develop, it produces fungal spores that spread throughout the grow room. Reducing humidity after bud rot has begun developing will not kill the spores already present, making outbreaks inevitable!

Controlling humidity in order to avoid the dew point prevents bud rot development before it begins. This is the only sure-fire method to eliminate bud rot.

Botrytis bud rot

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