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DryGair, a system Developed for cultivation experts, Is the leading solution for Cannabis humidity management in growing facilities.

Patent protected design enables the creation of uniform, optimal growing conditions which are the key to growing quality, disease-free cannabis. The DryGair solution helps reduce growers’ expenses and pesticide use and contributes to larger, higher quality yields.

Cannabis Greenhouses with the DryGair Solution – Case Study

Conclusion: DryGair was able to maintain the desired humidity level in the greenhouses while creating homogenous climate conditions in all areas of the greenhouse. DryGair’s proven results make it an important growing tool, having many advantages compared to alternative methods due to the high amount of water it removes from the air, the air circulation it creates in the growing space, and the efficiency of its operation.

It provides the cannabis growing operation with a preventative solution for humidity diseases that is effective, economical, and green. DryGair allows the grower to be competitive by preventing yield loss, maintaining high-quality produce, and reducing costs.

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DryGair with HVAC: Maximum Efficiency Climate Control 

DryGair dehumidifiers are used in a diverse variety of greenhouses, indor growing facilities, drying rooms, and more. In some of these facilities, Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning systems (HVAC) are also integrated to help provide indoor climate control. The central function of HVAC systems is to cool down indoor temperatures, with only a secondary purpose of helping to control humidity.

HVAC and DryGair dehumidification humidity control

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What DryGair Dehumidifiers do?

  • Reduces humidity – DG12, the standard unit removes 12 G/h (45 L/h) of water from the air (@ 64°F(18°C)/80%RH). In order to remove more than a 1 gallon (more than 4 liters) of water, the unit invests only 1 kWh of energy!
  • Prevents humidity diseases (such as botrytis).
  • Achieves optimal homogenous climate conditions.
  • Improves yield – quality and quantity (more than 30% of yield!)
  • Saves energy – more than 50% of energy can be saved (depending on the growing facility).
  • Reduces the need for fungicides and pesticides.
  • Promotes a greener environment.

The benefits above can lead to a fast Return On Investment to the grower.

The DryGair dehumidification concept is patent protected.

Drygair Heating and Cooling arrows

DryGair’s CannabiSolution

DryGair’s CannabiSolution enables growers to reduce humidity while saving energy. No humidity means no mold and no need for pesticides. Our solution enables growers to maximize the control of climate conditions in greenhouses.

Interview with a Cannabis Grower –

“Cannabis Business Tines”

…“I promote the use of DryGair as a focal point in my cultivation environment designs by leveraging its dehumidification, high capacity airflow distribution, and heating & cooling capabilities…”

Drygair Cannabis Business Times

Homogeneous & Consistent Climate Control with DryGair Dehumidification

“IsraelAgri – Cannabis 2020 Magazine”

…”Bud rot, powdery mildew and Alternaria are some of the most dreaded words in cannabis cultivation. Destructive diseases caused by even brief periods of high relative humidity, which in a greenhouse environment, could be every night…”
Drygair humidity and temperature levels graph

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