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World Leader in Cannabis Dehumidification

DryGair dehumidifiers, developed for cultivation experts, are the leading solution for Cannabis humidity management in greenhouses and growing facilities.

Patent protected design enables the creation of uniform, optimal growing conditions which are the key to growing quality, disease – free cannabis. The DryGair solution  dramatically cuts growers’ humidity control expenses and pesticide use, and contributes to larger, higher quality yields.

Video Description – Commercial Cannabis grower talks about his experience with DryGair as a growing tool. 

…“I promote the use of DryGair as a focal point in my cultivation environment designs by leveraging its dehumidification, high capacity airflow distribution, and heating & cooling capabilities…”

Conclusion:  DryGair was able to maintain the desired humidity level in the greenhouses while creating uniform climate conditions in all areas of the greenhouse, and around the plants. DryGair’s air circulation and powerful dehumidification are used as a growing tool, especially when compared to traditional humidity control methods which lead to non-uniform climate conditions. It provides the cannabis growing operation with a preventative solution for humidity diseases that is effective, economical, and green.

DryGair allows the grower to be competitive by preventing yield loss, maintaining high-quality produce, and reducing costs.

Fast ROI compared to smaller dehumidifiers

Large Coverage Area & Easy Operation

Cover up to 4,000 m² (40,000 ft²). Stop dealing with smaller, less efficient dehumidifiers!​​

Remove More Water per kWh​​

More than 4 liters per kWh of re-useable water!​ ​

Control Both Humidity & Temperature

Alternative to extensive systems involving heating pipes and ducts. Lower maintenance costs.​​

Denser Crops and Maximized Grow Space​​​

Due to proprietary slim design and optimal homogeneous climate conditions.​​​​

"Plug & Play" Easy

A wide range of models which fit between or above the crops. No need for expensive infrastructure adjustments.

Interview with a Cannabis Grower

cannabis business times logo

“Cannabis Business Times”

..”DryGair’s knowledge and experience stem from research and operation in various kinds of crops. Now is the age in which all this is embedded into the booming field of cannabis, to create a truly efficient dehumidification solution for experienced growers wanting to put out consistent, disease-free products…”

Drygair published on Cannabis Business Times

Homogeneous & Consistent Climate Control - 8 Days Graph

Israelagri logo
“IsraelAgri – Cannabis 2020 Magazine”

..”Bud rot, powdery mildew and Alternaria are some of the most dreaded words in cannabis cultivation. Destructive diseases caused by even brief periods of high relative humidity, which in a greenhouse environment, could be every night…”

homogenous and consistent climate control

DryGair for Drying Rooms

Evaporation in the drying room can be as high as during the cultivation phase. As a result, DryGair’s unique air circulation together with its leading water extraction capacity is the right choice for efficiently achieving uniform, mold-free, dry plants.

Drying room with DryGair

DryGair with HVAC: Maximum Efficiency Climate Control 

DryGair dehumidifiers are used in a diverse variety of greenhouses, indoor growing facilities, drying rooms, and more. In some of these facilities, Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning systems (HVAC) are also integrated to help provide indoor climate control. The central function of HVAC systems is to cool down indoor temperatures, with only a secondary purpose of helping to control humidity.

HVAC and DryGair dehumidification humidity control

What DryGair Dehumidifiers do?

  • Reduces humidity – DG12, the standard unit removes 12 G/h (45 L/h) of water from the air (@ 64°F(18°C)/80%RH). In order to remove more than a 1 gallon (more than 4 liters) of water, the unit invests only 1 kWh of energy!
  • Prevents humidity diseases (such as botrytis).
  • Achieves optimal homogenous climate conditions.
  • Improves yield – quality and quantity (more than 40% of yield!)
  • Saves energy – more than 50% of energy can be saved (depending on the growing facility).
  • Reduces the need for fungicides and pesticides.
  • Promotes a greener environment.

The benefits above can lead to a fast Return On Investment (1-4 years) to the grower.

The DryGair dehumidification concept is patent protected.

Heating & Cooling

DryGair dehumidifiers are available with additional temperature control to support and enhance active climate control. 

DryGair Solution

The “DryGair Solution” is an innovative growing concepts that completely revolutionizes humidity control in advanced agriculture

Our Products

Choose from over a dozen different sizes and configurations to match the dimensions and limitation of your growing facility.

Air Circulation

Unique patent protected 360° air circulation guarantees the elimination of dangerous micro-climate pockets of high humidity.  

Preventing Botrytis Without Fungicides

Botrytis, also known as gray mold or bud rot, is an extremely common humidity related disease, found in greenhouses around the world. With over 200 known species, this fungal pathogen affects most fruits and vegetables, as well as ornamentals and cannabis. Preventing botrytis is key for many different agricultural sectors. Botrytis’ Effects and Symptoms Gray

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How DryGair Dehumidifiers Are Changing The Cannabis Industry

We recently spoke with WeCannect about how humidity control is changing the cannabis industry. “We spoke with DryGair’s Hadar Fuchs-Rubal to learn more about the company’s equipment, origin story, and mission to eliminate botrytis and other contagions from growing areas, as well as the changing legal status of cannabis in Israel.”   Read the full

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Why Humidity Control is Necessary in Cannabis Cultivation

  Cannabis humidity control is a major talking point among growers. In the modern era, cannabis is grown in completely controlled spaces. Greenhouses, as well as closed facilities are constantly monitored and adjusted. The aim is to maintain a consistent quality of product, while attempting to maximize yields. Though humidity is a big part of

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Humidity – It’s All About the Dew Point

Humidity, and especially the dew point, is a critical factor in cannabis cultivation. One that is much discussed but also often misunderstood. It’s time to set the facts straight. What is humidity? Air is comprised of many different gases, one of which is water vapor- the gaseous form of water. The amount of water vapor

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