Cannabis, also known as marijuana or hemp, has been part of people’s lives for centuries. The plant was used to produce fabrics, food, drugs, medicine and in rituals. We know that different cultures, countries, and religions used to grow and use this plant.

So why is there so much effort being put into growing cannabis these days? What are the challenges modern growers face when growing marijuana?

The purpose of growing cannabis

Cannabis plants produce special chemicals called the cannabinoids. These are the active chemicals that influence humans both mentally and physically. The two most notorious cannabinoids are CBD and THC. Today growers try to grow high-quality cannabis that can produce the required concentration of the required cannabinoids.

In order to achieve high-quality cannabis, growers use different cannabis species (some of them are the result of long research), that require specific growing conditions.

Many growers often encounter unexpected problems trying to optimize the growing process. Controlling the growing conditions requires controlling every aspect in the greenhouse: growing time, radiation, irrigation, nutrients, size of the cannabis plants, air flow, and climate.

One of the most challenging problems in cannabis greenhouses

Growing in greenhouses requires experience and knowledge. High humidity can cause diseases that reduce the quality of the cannabis produce. The main problem with cannabis is the high density of the plant and its flowers. Cannabis flower, the most important part of the plant, is highly sensitive to humidity, and the humid air is “trapped” inside it.  The plant itself has many leaves that evaporate a lot of water. How can the grower solve these problems?

Up until today reducing and controlling humidity inside greenhouses (especially cannabis greenhouses), required using a lot of energy and was very expensive. Today DryGair concept allows the grower to efficiently reduce the humidity at lower costs. DryGair dehumidifiers take the air from inside the cannabis greenhouse, condense the water from the air, and with an innovative air circulation concept create homogeneous climate conditions so no humid air is trapped inside the cannabis flowers thus reducing the dew point and preventing cannabis humidity diseases.

The integration of DryGair into the greenhouse is simple. Cannabis growers, along with DryGair’s highly experienced team determine the optimal operation method of the dehumidifier.