Humidity- the amount of water vapor in the air, is a critical factor for a plant’s wellbeing.

Our technology allows for increased control over humidity, over time as well as over large spaces, negating the fluctuations characterized by other methods. With the plant in mind, all while reducing the overall energy consumption.

Water vapor is emitted from the plant itself and from the soil continually, this humidity ends up trapped in a closed greenhouse environment, affecting the plants ability to grow, transpire and photosynthesize. High humidity levels also cause moisture build-up on the plants surface. These conditions have a negative effect on the plants yield and growth and allow for the appearance of mold and bacteria build up, a leading cause of crop loss

Benefits of humidity control:

  • Improved growing technique
  • Energy efficiency
  • Better yield quality and quantity
  • Reduced pesticide usage
  • Prevention of humidity diseases
  • Denser crop placement
  • Reduction in CO2 loss
  • Financial savings

DryGair is an efficient solution to humidity problems.

DryGair concept has been created to provide an elegant solution perfect for the modern greenhouse. We develop state of the art, refrigerant based, dehumidification systems, designed and tested particularly to maximize humidity control in semi closed greenhouses, efficiently, easily and most importantly- cost effective.

DryGair units are meant to be used for dehumidification during periods when ventilation doesn’t do the trick, such as night time, extreme temperatures, rain and high humidity.  During these times simply close the greenhouse and switch on DryGair to dehumidify without exchanging air with the outside, preserving the energy used to heat or cool the already climatized greenhouse air.

Our system can remove up to 45 liters (12 gallons) of water per hour.

The unit operates using a cooling condensation method to physically remove water vapor from the greenhouse air. Humid air is sucked in from among the foliage, where it is most crucial. It is then condensed into liquid which is removed and available for re-use. The dry air is warmed using a heat exchanger and released from the top of the unit back into the greenhouse.

Benefits of DryGair dehumidification systems:

  • High water removal / energy consumption ratio – 45 Liters (12 gallons) / 10 kW
  • Minimal air heating which can be controlled
  • No need for chemicals or additional ingredients
  • Designed to distribute air equally to create a homogenous environment
  • No water heating
  • Re-usable water as a byproduct

DryGair systems are designed to operate optimally inside greenhouses and growing facilities, at 80% RH and 18°C (64F).

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