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Dehumidification & Humidity Control

Controlling Greenhouse Humidity May Be Tricky

Humidity, in any growing facility, changes constantly, making it difficult to control effectively at all times. Understanding the different factors affecting it, provides growers with an additional tool to manage their climate.Temperature drops cause humidity to spike, making dusk and dawn critical periods, as well as overnight. Differing weather conditions also have a great impact on the greenhouse climate. Geography, climate and season all play a role in deciding the amount of dehumidification required. An additional factor is plant density, which changes through the growing period, requiring more powerful dehumidification as the greenhouse grows lusher.

Commercial Greenhouse Dehumidification Requires a Professional Dehumidifier for Greenhouses

Greenhouse dehumidification systems for commercial cultivation should be optimized for common growing conditions, often maintained around 18°C (64°F) and 80% relative humidity. High capacity dehumidifiers, designed for agriculture, ensure comfortable and even humidity levels, avoiding dew point condensation throughout the space, as well as during extreme periods of temperature drops and humidity spikes, drastically minimizing disease outbreak and increasing crop quality.

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