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Greenhouse Dehumidification Combined with Heating & Cooling

Two of the most important greenhouse climate parameters humidity and temperature.

In order to grow healthy, active plants, and produce large, high quality yields, growers require tools to control these two factors.

DryGair has designed an innovative greenhouse heating or cooling solution to control both humidity, and temperature, in an energy efficient manner. This solution offers a way to control climate conditions, utilizing significantly simplified infrastructure, compared to alternatives.

DryGair’s DG-12 and DG-6 Heating & Cooling Units Provide Multiple Functions:

DG-12 / DG-6 Heating & Cooling
The heating/cooling option is offered in 2 variants that can gradually increase or decrease temperatures alongside advanced humidity control.

Heating & Cooling is available for DG-12 and DG-6 EU units as well.


The DryGair Solution Combined with Heating & Cooling – How it Works

The DryGair Solution

Our growing concept is based on closing the greenhouse, fully deploying thermal screens (if applicable), and operating the DryGair unit, which treats the air and circulates it throughout the greenhouse, creating optimal, uniform conditions.

Greenhouse Heating & Cooling – Temperature Control

DryGair combined with heating & cooling requires an electricity supply, extracted water drainage pipe, and
a hot or cold water supply.
The unit is equipped with inlet and outlet water pipes, which connect to the hot or cold water coil. These pipes must be connected to a water source (chiller, boiler, heat pump, etc.).

Hot/Cold Water Coil

DG-12 or DG-6 Heating & Cooling Unit Structure

While operating in heating/cooling mode, the air passes through the hot or cold coil. The temperature is determined by the temperature of the water supplied to the unit:

Heating Mode

Hot water is supplied from the hot water source and passes
through the coil. The air that passes across the heated coil is
heated before it exits the unit. DryGair recommends supplying
water at 85°C (185°F), at a flow rate of 80 L/min (21 G/min).

Cooling Mode

Cold water is supplied from the cold water source and passes
through the coil. The air that passes across the cooled coil is
cooled before it exits the unit. DryGair recommends supplying
water at 7°C (45°F), at a flow rate of 80 L/min (21 G/min).

Heating & Cooling Capacity

The heating or cooling capacity depends on 3 variables:

  • Temperature of the water inserted into the unit
  • Water flow rate
  • Existing climate conditions

HEATING: The heating capacity of the unit increases as greenhouse temperatures are lower.

DryGair combined with heating has a high heating capacity and can be used as an alternative for heating systems. This simple system can replace the heavy infrastructure, maintenance, and costs associated with alternative, conventional heating systems, and provide comprehensive climate control.

COOLING: The cooling capacity of the unit increases as temperatures are higher.
A portion of the cooling capacity is used to neutralize the heat released by the unit’s operation.

The DryGair cooling function offers a solution for plants experiencing heat stress due to high temperatures. The cooling solution creates cooler night time conditions, which contrast with hot days, creating daily temperature averages that promote better plant development.

Cooling the greenhouse overnight allows plants to decrease their respiration rate, directing more of the valuable resources it produces throughout the day, to the parts that most need them, such as flowers and fruit.

DryGair combined with cooling can supply a gradual reduction in temperature during night time operation. This is a big advantage over alternatives, such as wet pad and fan systems which raise humidity and can lead to mold and disease outbreaks, or costly HVAC systems, which require large amounts of energy to lower greenhouse temperatures.

Heating/Cooling Capacity Examples:

Heating Mode

Greenhouse climate conditions of 18°C (64°F) and 80% RH

Hot water supplied at 85°C (185°F), at a flow rate of 80 L/min (21 G/min)

• DG-12 combined with heating will produce a heating capacity of ~115 kW (392,000 BTU/h).
• DG-6 combined with heating will produce a heating capacity of ~90kW (307,000 BTU/h).

Cooling Mode

Greenhouse climate conditions of 24°C (75°F) and 80% RH

Cold water supplied at 7°C (45°F), at a flow rate of 80 L/min (21 G/min)

• DG-12 combined with cooling will produce a cooling capacity of ~32kW (110,000 BTU/h).
• DG-6 combined with cooling will produce a cooling capacity of ~26 kW
(88,700 BTU/h).

Advantages of DryGair Combined with Heating & Cooling

Lower Costs

Lower initial investment and operational costs compared to alternative heating and cooling systems.

1 Unit With Many Functions

Combine Dehumidification, heating, cooling, and DryGair’s patented air circulation, all in one unit.

Energy Efficiency

DryGair’s high water extraction efficiency (4.5 L/kWh or 1.2 G/kWh), coupled with temperature control and air circulation, while operating within a closed greenhouse, makes it extremely energy efficient.

Simple, Minimized Infrastructure

In comparison to alternatives, such as HVAC or heating pipes, DryGair requires less greenhouse space and less maintenance.

Optimal Climate Conditions

The unit delivers the treated air to the top of the plants, where development is most occurs and conditions are most crucial.

Easy Integration

The units can be positioned along the aisles, as part of the rows, or on the side of the greenhouse, and can be hung. The unit can operate stand-alone or connected to the climate control system. Heating and cooling is available in standard, small, and split units.

The Bottom Line

The ability to control humidity and temperature in complex agricultural environments, in an energy efficient manner, is DryGair’s speciality. The heating & cooling units offer a growing tool that supports all climate control aspects and air circulation, needed for commercial cultivation. The specially designed unit optimizes growing conditions and significantly improves financial results.
For additional information, refer to the operation manual or contact the DryGair team.

DryGair Heating & Cooling Video Tutorial

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