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Dehumidifier for Cannabis

Cannabis is extremely sensitive to humidity. It’s susceptible to a variety of humidity related diseases such as botrytis, downy mildew and alternaria. Treating humidity in the growing space with a dehumidifier for cannabis is the most efficient method to eliminate diseases. It also simultaneously improves grow quality, increases dry weight mass and stimulates the manufacture of compounds.

DryGair for Cannabis

Whether growing in a greenhouse or indoor, plants constantly transpire water, driving humidity up. If kept unchecked, relative humidity will quickly reach 100%. Once the air is saturated with water vapor, the dew point is reached and water begins to condense on cooler surfaces, including on the plants and inside the buds. This condensation causes fungal pathogens to develop, leading to disease outbreaks.

Due to cannabis’ strict regulations, both for medicinal and commercial use, it’s necessary to eliminate disease without chemicals. In order to achieve this, growing spaces require dehumidification.


What is the most suitable dehumidifier for cannabis?

There are many humidity control options on the market. Most of which are designed for traditional purposes, such as industrial processes and storage. These dehumidifiers are optimized for different settings, making their operation in the specific conditions found in cannabis grow rooms sub-optimal.

For cultivation purposes, it’s best to utilize a dehumidifier designed for cultivation conditions. By using a unit designed to remove water at the specific conditions best for cannabis (around 64oF with 60-80% relative humidity), the humidity reduction is optimal and energy efficiency maximized.

Oregon based cannabis grower, Elad, has been using DryGair dehumidifiers for several years.

While many growers attempt to reduce humidity with the use of fans or cooling systems, such as HVAC, these methods fail to achieve the highest efficiency. This is due to these systems reducing humidity as a byproduct of their operation, rather than a dedicated, optimized condensation system.

DryGair’s solution is designed for horticulture and is optimized for cannabis greenhouses and indoor grow operations. This allows DryGair to incorporate additional benefits for cultivation.

All DG units are equipped with a patent protected air circulation system that ensures uniform climate conditions throughout the space.

Considering using DryGair for your cannabis greenhouse or indoor grow room? Please contact us.

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