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Discover the DryGair Solution

An innovative and environmentally friendly growing concept designed to treat humidity in greenhouses,
indoor growing facilities, and drying rooms.

Developed for professional cultivation, the DryGair solution helps reduce growers’ expenses and pesticide use and contributes to improved yield quality and quantity.

How does it work?

Close your growing facility and place DryGair in the center

DryGair reduces humidity
around the plants

Achieve uniform humidity & temperature, and avoid reaching the dew point


Designing and operating a commercial greenhouse is no easy task.

Shifting factors like radiation, plant density and growth, length of the day, temperature, and more, require constant attention. As humidity is such a critical and volatile factor, some of our customers need our help figuring out how to maximize their facility’s potential, and what they should expect from integrating DryGair dehumidifiers.

Each sale we make is a process, with an emphasis on dialog and an exchange of professional experience.
We focus solely on humidity control for horticulture, employing highly trained agronomists and world-renowned experts in the field of climate control.

Air Circulation for Uniform Climate Conditions

The DryGair Solution concept combines powerful humidity reduction with a patent protected air circulation design, which delivers a unique 360° air flow distribution, creating optimal uniform relative humidity & temperature levels throughout the growing facility.

Maintaining homogeneous climate conditions is crucial to prevent condensation and disease outbreaks.

Left: Heat map of a control greenhouse, without DryGair. Temperatures are uneven, with large fluctuations.

Right: Heat map of a greenhouse using DryGair. Conditions are homogenous throughout the greenhouse, with almost no temperature fluctuation.


Minimize Energy Costs

Applying the DryGair solution to your growing facility can provide energy savings of 50% and more, compared to traditional methods of humidity control using heating & ventilation.

A DryGair unit saves on average 8.5 kW of heating on every electrical 1 kW invested in dehumidifying, compared to humidity control using heating & ventilation. 

105 kW invested in DryGair dehumidification, with the additional temperature control, translates to 190 kW of heating capacity, compared to traditional humidity control practices using heating and ventilation.

Fast ROI

DryGair dehumidifiers have an ROI expectancy of 2-4 years, derived from both energy savings, and yield increase.

This is a conservative calculation that does not include additional benefits, such as decreased pesticide and fungicide use, water savings, more efficient working hours and improved CO2 retention.

DryGair Dehumidifiers – Plug & Play

DryGair’s selection of dehumidifiers is designed, engineered and tested for optimal performance and energy efficiency under typical growing facilities’ climate conditions.

The units’ reliability and exceptional built quality are proven by hundreds of satisfied growers using our dehumidifiers, in various commercial greenhouses, growing facilities, crops, and climates around the world.


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