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Case Studies in English

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Case Study - Vegetables

Learn about the tremendoud yield increase benefits of integrating DryGair dehumidifiers into vegetables greenhouses

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Case Study - Basil

Results of a trial examining the effect of lowering the dew point on mildew prevention at Pot Basilicum.

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Case Study - Cannabis

Learn about the disease prevention benefits of integrating DryGair into Cannabis Greenhouses

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Case Study - Flowers

Results from gerbera, Alstroemeria, and Strelitzia growers. Flowers are bred and cultivated for their appearance. Humidity affects the quality and yield of flowers and may cause diseases, changes in color and physical defects.

Case Studies - Other languages

The DryGair Solution

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The DryGair Solution - Explained

Learn how DryGair's growing concept can prevent humidity diseases outbreaks by achieving uniform climate conditions.

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The DryGair Solution for Drying Rooms

Learn how DryGair's powerful airflow and leading water extraction ability is the right choice for drying rooms.

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The DryGair Solution Combined With Cooling

Learn how DryGair as a growing tool can be used for lowering temperatures during the night.

DryGair Heating & Cooling Units

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DryGair Dehumidification Combined with Heating or Cooling

Technical explanation into to the way DryGair units can provide dehumidification with additional temperature control

The New SmartDG

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SmartDG - Realtime Humidity Control & Data

The SmartDG browser interface offers real time remote operating and monitoring of multiple functions related to our dehumidifiers.

Main Catalog

Integration With an Existing HVAC System

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DryGair Dehumidification and Existing HVAC Systems

Learn how integrating DryGair with existing HVAC systems leads to overall lower costs.

Operation Manual

Technical Details

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