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DryGair Is Tackling One of the Biggest Challenges in Cannabis Cultivation – Humidity

These are excerpts from an article originally published in IsraelAgri’s Medical Cannabis, June 2021. The article discusses the development of DryGair and how its used to solve some of the biggest challenges in cannabis cultivation.

The Problem with Humidity in Cannabis Cultivation

Cannabis is highly regulated. So using toxic fungicides to manage mildew outbreaks isn’t a viable solution. Furthermore, even the presence of mold will lead to the cannabis failing regulatory testing.

This is one of the biggest challenges cannabis growers face today. Both in the medical and recreational legal markets.

Using ventilation to combat humidity isn’t efficient. Greenhouse operators use various heating technologies to maintain an ideal temperature range for their plants. When they release humid air through ventilation, they lose heat too. This means they must continuously reheat the greenhouse, at a very high energy cost.

DryGair’s Humidity Solution

DryGair, a technology developed at the Volcani Agricultural Research Organization, has been providing a solution to greenhouse growers for over 10 years.

Their solution combines efficient, high-capacity dehumidification, and a patented air circulation mechanism, in one piece of machinery. The technology provides the full solution to humidity, removing over 1,000 liters of water from the air, per day, under the ideal conditions for cannabis cultivation.

DG-X Is DryGair’s Solution for Indoor Grow Rooms

To provide indoor cannabis growers with a viable way to control their humidity, DryGair has recently launched the DG-X, a compact dehumidifier, designed specifically for the challenges and conditions of indoor cannabis cultivation.

It matches the efficiency of DryGair’s standard models and provides a large cover area, in a much smaller package. It also offers dynamic placement options, to ensure growers don’t have to give up valuable growing space.

The DG-X comes equipped with DryGair’s air circulation module as well, to create uniform conditions in the grow room.

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