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Drygair’s First Customer in the Netherlands Equips Entire Company with Drygair Units

Kwekerij Marcel Vijverberg, a greenhouse horticultural company in Maasland, Netherlands, equips all facilities with DryGair dehumidifiers.

The company grows potted plants and, in spring, mainly hanging and terrace plants. The range consists of more than 55 different varieties in colorful pots. Sustainability is of the utmost importance in his company. Using the latest techniques, energy efficient cultivation methods, organic control and the latest knowledge, the products are grown in the most responsible way.

First DryGair in the Netherlands

One of the most energy efficient methods is to use DryGair units for humidity control. In 2016 Marcel was the first grower to install two DryGair units on 8,000 m2. After gaining 1.5 years of experience, he decided to outfit the rest of the company with it. The units were placed on frames so that the spray arm can move underneath.

In addition to energy savings, he sees quality advantages, since the circulation of the greenhouse air produces a more resilient harvest. The units circulate 22,000 m3 of greenhouse air per hour per unit and, in combination with the drying of the air, a more generative and compact crop is produced that is less susceptible to diseases. The DryGair system is characterized by the fact that no outside air is required for drying.

This system treats the greenhouse air, an added benefit during this winter period as windows and screens can be kept closed. Apart from the fact that no sensible and latent heat is lost, this latent heat is also converted into energy. The air leaving the device is about 5 degrees warmer. In this way, significant gas savings are achieved. The water emerging from the units is reused as irrigation water and thus contributes to emission-free cultivation.

Growing with DryGair Dehumidifiers

Marcel also points out that you need to learn how to grow with this new dehumidification system. You must dare to close the screens and windows. In this way you save energy and create a uniform climate. The air circulation through the units replaces the air movement of the minimum pipe temperature and ensures the transport of nutrients through the plant, including calcium, which is only transported through the plant by evaporation. The result is fewer leaf margins and the risk of fungal diseases. Since the windows remain closed, no CO2 is lost.

Controlling humidity has actually become a lot easier. You set a setpoint and the devices control it without any kind of cross-corrections on the screens, air and heating. He can rightly say: “With the DryGair units, I have a steering wheel in my hand to achieve the desired relative humidity.”

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