Agritech Israel was held in sunny Tel Aviv last week. Visitors from all over the world came together to meet, learn, and see firsthand the innovative agricultural technologies that Israel and the world have to offer.

Alongside key players in the fields of irrigation, soil, plant breeding and productivity, packaging, mechanization, and greenhouses, DryGair presented its leading technological solution for humidity reduction.

Alona Ron-Snir of DryGair gave a lecture focused on the global shift towards greenhouse and indoor growing, and the benefits and challenges this brings. Amongst the challenges, she discussed the production losses and environmental impacts that humidity diseases generate, showing how DryGair offers an effective, resource-efficient, and energy saving solution to creating optimal climate conditions in closed growing facilities.

Agritech was a wonderful opportunity to meet both new and familiar faces, share our knowledge, and celebrate the cutting edge advancements in agriculture today.

Mjbizcon Spring – May 2017

The Marijuana Business & Expo was held during May 16-19, 2017 in Washington DC, USA, where the medical cannabis is legal.It is very symbolic having this conference in Washington DC, near the White House and the U.S Capitol in the heart of the legislative process. Actually, it shows how groundbreaking the process we are all witnessing is…

It was DryGair 5th Marijuana Business & Expo event, so we saw many familiar faces and met with new contacts from all over the field.

Our new representative in the USA and Canada, Bell Park Horticulture, was there as well and together we met with our distributors in the USA.

We have been in the cannabis industry in the USA for more than 3 years now, and according to Ziv, DryGair VP Marketing & Sales, we can definitely see that this growing industry is going through a process of institutionalization and at the same time becoming more and more professional.

We, in DryGair, are proud to share our knowledge with the cannabis industry and to offer a suitable and accurate solution which answers the cannabis growers’ needs. See you in November.


A side unit presented inside our distributer’s demo greenhouse in MacFruit exhibition, Rimini May 2017.

Greenhouse (traditional or new) with DryGair inside can enjoy optimal growing conditions and operational cost reduction.

CannaTech 2017

The second CannaTech exhibition was held on March 20-22, 2017 in Israel.
It was a special event for us since two of our colleagues delivered very important and insightful lectures for the CannaTech participants.
Shabtai Cohen, our agronomist, talked about humidity diseases, emphasizing the importance of treating these diseases when growing cannabis in closed facilities and presenting DryGair as an ultimate solution.
Jonathan Valdman, founder of “Forever Flowering Greenhouses”, the 3rd generation of cannabis growers in California talked about legalization issues and the growth of the cannabis industry in the USA.
DryGair is proud to share its knowledge and offer a solution that answers the cannabis growers’ needs.


Marijuana Business / November 2016

On November 2016 we exhibited at the 5th annual Marijuana Business Conference & Expo in Las-Vegas for the fourth time. The prevailing opinion among both exhibitors and visitors was that this event was the best Marijuana Business Conference so far.

This Expo provided an interesting glimpse of the direction the cannabis industry is taking and we are proud to offer a solution answering the cannabis growers’ needs.

While there are many questions regarding the cannabis industry one thing is certain, the professional growers are the ones who would take this industry forward.

GROW TECH ANTALYA / November 2016

This agricultural exhibition has grown significantly throughout recent years and attracts farmers,businessmen, and various technology companies from Europe, Middle East, Eastern Europe, and more.

This is the first time DRYGAIR is taking part in this exhibition with ROYAL BRINKMAN Turkey. We shared the booth with other technology companies that were also presented by RB local branch.

During the exhibition we met with many customers from different fields of interest, but common to all no matter what part of the world theirs have a greenhouse in, is that they all deal with problems and humidity diseases, and for every one of them, DRYGAIR can provide the right answers and professional solution to prevent the appearance of humidity diseases, while saving energy up to 50%, including in supposedly dry and warm places.

Moreover, we recognize an increase in growers’ awareness of environmental issues and to energy costs which in some places used to be relatively low but not anymore. The solution of DRYGAIR is the exact answer for growers’ needs: the power consumption is low, only 10 KWH, the unit condenses about 45 liters per hour, under conditions of 80 % RH 18 c and best air distribution inside the greenhouse.

A professional seminar VekTek, Norway / November 2016

This was the second year DryGair participated Vektek’s Seminar, our partner in Norway. Together with our distributor in Norway, Mr. Christer Sandvik, we presented our solution to local growers. We were lucky to have Mr. Magne Bergerud, our client who came from East Norway to talk about DryGair. The seminar was very professional and included a presentation by Priva – who presented a new product and an in-depth discussion with Mr. Anders Sand, an energy consultant, on the potential of energy saving by using DryGair and other solutions. It was an excellent way to meet local growers and learn about other agricultural solutions while enjoying the warm hospitality of VekTek.

Cann10 Conference 2016

On September 2016 we participated Cann10 conference in Israel, one of the speakers was Dr. Abraham Arbel who invented DryGair’s concept. Dr. Arbel presented the unique concept of DryGair and its necessity for controlling the humidity inside greenhouses and other indoor growing facilities.

The Cann10 conference demonstrated the fast growing of the cannabis industry and we are happy to offer our solution which answers the needs of cannabis growers who face humidity problems.

GreenTech 2016

This year, for the first time, DryGair Energies Ltd., participated as an exhibitor in Green Tech which is one of the most important shows for greenhouses and closed environment systems and technologies. DryGair jointly presented its solution with its distributer in the Netherlands – Royal Brinkman. Our stand was positioned in hall 8 which is where seminars are held and innovative solutions are presented.

95 years for Volcani center 2016

On June 2016 The Agricultural Research Organization (ARO) Volcani Center celebrated 95 years of excellence in agricultural research, development and innovation. Our researcher Dr. Avi Arbel, presented DryGair’s  solution (Heating and Dehumidification system to treat humidity inside greenhouses)  to many visitors from Israel and abroad. Dr. Arbel invented DryGair’s concept, as part of his continuous research in controlled environment in agriculture.

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