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Using energy to positively influence the climate

Cannabis Technology, Policy And Global Innovation Is Lit At CannaTech 2017

Dehumidification units transform any operation into a semi-closed system

Energy and climate are connected.
We influence the climate through energy without meaning to.
Since the industrial revolution, the increase in energy consumption led to a rise in the anthropogenic heat (heat generated by humans’ activity), local environment temperature and humidity…

Another interesting example was DryGair, which reduces the humidity and controls the temperature inside cannabis commercial growing facilities. The technology allows growers to control the growing climate conditions and to create uniformity; to improve yield (quality and quantity); to reduce the need for pesticide and fungicide and to save energy.

Closed and more recently, semi-closed greenhouse growing are much discussed new ways of cultivating as efficient as possible. While depending on the location and application the system has a lot of major advantages over traditional greenhouse growing in terms of energy saving and crop enhancement,  the high investment is sometimes still preventing growers from making the switch.

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