1. Episode: Dehumidification – It’s all about the Dew Point:

This episode is about a major factor in preventing Botrytis and other bummers to your Cannabis crop: the dew point. The dew point is when the air can’t hold water any more and condensation occurs. If condensation occurs on your plants leaves and flowers, it’s most likely you’ll find it very hard to get rid of humidity diseases.  We are seriously here to help you protect your Cannabis by teaching you about measuring humidity levels and keep your cannabis as happy as possible.

2. Episode: Avoiding disease in your Cannabis crops

In this episode we learn about how to use tools such as dehumidifiers, pesticides, and strategic strain selection in order to effectively avoid pesky diseases. We’re sure all of you Cannabis growers out there have lost some plants to bud rot and it is super frustrating, so make sure to bust out your notepads for this episode!

About the show – “Harvest” by Growers Network

A podcast for Cannabis growers  where they can hear about Grower’s Spotlight (https://growersnetwork.org/spotlight/). The Harvest Podcast by Growers Network is on a mission to connect the world’s cannabis professionals. Their episodes feature the latest and greatest insider, research-oriented tips on all thing cannabis. Get tons of useful advice about Cannabis cultivation, from greenhouse selection to climate control and everything in between!”