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Common Humidity diseases

Eliminating Humidity Related Diseases Through Dehumidification

Humidity related diseases and molds, such as botrytis cinerea (gray mold, bud rot) and powdery mildew, are commonly found in commercial greenhouse and indoor cultivation. These diseases affect nearly all crops including vegetables, fruit, herbs, flowers, and cannabis, and may lead to severe yield loss and diminished output quality.

All diseases found below require high levels of humidity, even briefly, in order to breakout. High relative humidity in a growing space may be found due to uneven climate conditions, fluctuations in humidity and temperature, such as during dusk or dawn and a lack of air circulation.

Humidity Diseases

This page provides information on the humidity diseases most commonly encountered by our growers.

Powdery Mildew

Late Blight

Downy Mildew


Gray Mold – Botrytis Cinerea


Suffering From Humidity Diseases 
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