DryGair & Royal Brinkman win Prof. Pieniazek’s Prize at TSW 2019

Poland’s TSW is the biggest Fruit and Vegetable Industry Fair in Central and Eastern Europe, providing the most innovative and current knowledge and know-how in horticulture. As part of the annual conference, the Prof. Pieniazek Prize is awarded to the most innovative and beneficial product for gardening, environment and society.


The 2019 prize was awarded to DryGair, represented in Central and Eastern Europe by Royal Brinkman. According to Grzegorz Surman and Maria Bogdanska of Royal Brinkman Poland, “DryGair was the perfect candidate to win the prize, as it creates a major impact on the environment, through agriculture”.

The prize was given on the heels of the EU’s efforts to reduce coal-based heating, which is the leading method used in Polish greenhouses. DryGair’s dehumidification system can reduce energy consumption by 50% as it negates the need to heat and vent, with added options of integrated heating and cooling.