4 years ago, a critical decision was made in the state of California. The decision to cancel the criminal sanctions for using marijuana had a rapid influence, boosting commercial cannabis cultivation.

All of those who claimed that the legalization would cause an increase of use among teenagers was wrong. After approving the growing of marijuana in California, a significant decrease in crime rate was noticed, the government had increased the income from taxes, which helped to stabilize the state’s economy, more resources are invested in research and the police don’t have to deal with minor issues. Instead of the expected scenario of increasing crime rates, a better reality was revealed, the legalization of the drug led to a diminution of arrested teenagers, which otherwise would have “provide” them a criminal record, without justice.

Where to grow marijuana in California?

California is divided into districts with different regulations. In North West California, there is a district named “Humboldt” who considered being one of the largest growers of marijuana, two other districts in California that grow marijuana, Trinity, and Mendocino, most of those districts economy is based on the growing and selling the plant. In those areas, one can find many farms that provide quality cannabis. The residents respect their profession and proud with their products.

Landmarks in California’s cannabis legalization

In the year 1996 a major change had occurred in California, at this time, the authorities made California the first state in the USA that authorized the use of medicinal marijuana for the people who need it. Ever since the marijuana industry has been a constant growth in the western world. The cannabis consumers can enjoy many of its products such as smoking, edible products, cannabis oil etc. As a result of the legalization, the rate of cannabis growers is on a constant rise.

The descend of marijuana prices

Since the profession of growing cannabis became more competitive, the growers must reduce their costs because of the expected decrease in cannabis prices. In addition to the decrease of the price, the quality of the product is in constant improvement. Until 1996, the spread of marijuana was mainly by drug cartels that provided a relatively low-quality product, but with the legalization, costumers demanded more and better quality products. Nowadays, California offers a large amount of top quality cannabis species, with an affordable price tag.

Easy to grow marijuana

The residents of Humboldt have been growing marijuana since the 60’s, an era when many hippies wandered in search for the crop. The climate in this region is suitable for cannabis growing, therefore residents can grow the plant on their own.

Similar to the trend in all of the US, the growing facilities in California improving and uses advanced technologies to answer the need of bigger facilities- commercial. Greenhouses becoming more common mainly because they can be managed in a more energy-efficient manner, and enjoy the benefits of the outside climate conditions.

DryGair solution is operating in cannabis greenhouses and allows the grower to save energy and costs while increasing the yield.

Heaven for smokers?

Certainly! In some regions of California, such as Oakland, customers can find coffee shops and smoke freely, if they have the required license. Moreover, there is a special university for the science of the cannabis, the students learn how to grow medicinal marijuana and how to make the growing a beneficial business. Many other cannabis-related business can be found: a museum dedicated to the marijuana plant, tasting tours for fastidious consumers, prisons that turned into greenhouses and nuns and celebrities growing and selling cannabis.


Because the federal law overpowers the state law, marijuana is still the first on the list of a dangerous drug in the US (next to heroin and LSD), a fact that interrupts the process of medical research, and financial issues. This subject is a challenge for the federal regime that has to deal with the increasing demand for cannabis among all of the population. Although the federal law forbid growing, holding or selling of cannabis, it seems like a change is just around the corner, a referendum revealed that more than 60% of the Americans support legalization. We can expect in the near future, the cannabis will move away from the top of the dangerous drugs list, not only in California but in all of the USA.