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Medical Cannabis Pioneer better uses DryGair to Grow Unique Strains to Treat PTSD

Kan, the Israeli Public Broadcast Corporation, has recently released a short documentary about better, a global medical cannabis pioneer. better use advanced organic growing methods to provide patients with high quality cannabis. They also develop their own cannabis strains and participate in groundbreaking medical and horticultural research.

One of better’s focus points, highlighted in the documentary, is developing strains to treat patients suffering from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). This is an incredibly positive direction. Veterans and others suffering from PTSD around the world experience great improvements from cannabis.

better use DryGair for Medical Cannabis Humidity Control

Watching this short documentary, keen observers can notice that better are using DryGair for humidity control. We’re very proud to be able to provide companies like better with a full solution to their greenhouse humidity problems.

DryGair has been working with major medical cannabis growers in Israel and North America for over a decade. Our customers know that with DryGair controlling the humidity, they can grow high quality, organic cannabis, without the problems and costs associated with humidity.

Organically Preventing Molds and Diseases in Medical Cannabis

One of the main benefits of DryGair is disease prevention. By controlling humidity at all times, molds like bud rot can be almost entirely prevented, without toxic fungicides.

Diseases and molds are no laughing matter when it comes to medical cannabis. Besides being able to quickly destroy entire grow cycles, the presence of mold presents a regulatory problem. Moldy cannabis buds do not uphold regulations and can’t be legally sold or distributed to patients.

On the other hand, medical cannabis can’t be sprayed with fungicides or pesticides, as the presence of toxins is also barred by regulations. This means growers must use dehumidifiers such as DryGair to prevent diseases.

Growing Consistent Cannabis with DryGair

Growing medical cannabis takes more than just preventing diseases without toxic sprays. Providing medicine to patients means the end-product must be consistent. Without full control of climate conditions, the makeup of the buds can drastically differ from cycle to cycle, from greenhouse to greenhouse, or even in different areas of the same greenhouse. This presents a major challenge for medical cannabis providers.

Being able to provide treatment to patients means growing consistent produce. The concentration of active compounds like THC or CBD, or the buds’ terpene makeup, can’t differ too much from batch to batch, or patients won’t be able to know how to properly dose their medicine.

DryGair’s patented air circulation mechanism helps with this exactly. The unique air circulation pattern creates uniform conditions in the greenhouse, which means all plants, throughout the space, experience the same conditions. This is crucial when it comes to growing a consistent crop.

The Future of Medical Cannabis with DryGair

Providing patients with high quality medical cannabis is something we hold in high regard. We appreciate how important it is and understand how difficult it can be to grow high quality cannabis that upholds strict regulations. We’re proud to be able to help growers achieve this important goal and look forward to contributing more to this field as it continues to expand.

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