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MMJ Daily on DryGair – Dehumidification Gives Growers a ‘Steering Wheel’

The following is a summary of an article originally published on MMJ Daily, discussing DryGair, dehumidification and botrytis.

Dehumidification, combined with effective air movement, is highly effective at preventing botrytis in cannabis (bud rot). This is backed by new research conducted by Delphy, a company that develops knowledge for food and flower cultivation.

Eef Zwinkels, of Royal Brinkman, already knows this well –

“I’ve done the math. We’ve sold 355 DryGair units in the last few years. It gives growers a steering wheel and guarantees an even and active climate, and achieves significant energy savings”

Dehumidification Stimulates Plant Activity

Potted plant grower, Cornee van Kester, also realizes the benefits of dehumidification and air circulation. His greenhouses utilize 6 DryGair units, and he’s already planning the seventh –

“It’s a good support system, we have harder plants and need to use fewer resources. We buy a bit of security with it, as it were.”

Botrytis affects an extremely wide variety of crops. While every plant does have different optimal temperatures and relative humidity, the concept is identical. When conditions aren’t humid, plants can transpire water, which improves metabolism and development. This is an active, healthy plant.

The Success of DryGair’s DG-X

The DG-X is DryGair’s complete solution to humidity, for indoor and small greenhouse cannabis cultivation. As Zwinkels puts it –

“DryGair developed the DG-X especially for cannabis. The growing areas are often smaller, but the need for dehumidification is high. Moreover, no crop protection products can be used in cannabis. DG-X units also find their way into small departments of specialist breeding and seed companies.”

DryGair’s success is partly due to the fact that no other manufacturer manages to successfully recreate what the system does. Zwinkels says the alternatives are mostly industrial dryers, or unsuccessful imitations. DryGair takes out the most water vapor and circulates more air, which is important to promote an active climate.

Using DryGair for Energy Savings

Using DryGair, greenhouse windows and screens can remain closed, so there’s hardly any heat loss. This leads to 50% energy savings on average. Zwinkels sums up the energy issue –

“DryGair scores the highest for Green Label Greenhouse. Rising energy prices and the desire for sustainability make growers very receptive to such systems. The EC subsidy on DryGair also helps. This scheme is open until the end of November 2021 and amounts to 25% over the entire installation.”

Read the full article about DryGair on MMJ Daily.

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