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DG-6 Heating & Cooling

DG-6 Heating & Cooling - Standard

~7,000 CFM
The DG-6, combined with heating & cooling, is an innovative solution for greenhouse heating or cooling, controlling both humidity and temperature in an energy efficient manner. The unit can gradually heat or cool the dried, treated air, flowing out of the dehumidifier. The dehumidification, combined with heating & cooling, offers a solution to uniformly control climate, utilizing significantly simplified infrastructure, compared to alternatives.
  • "All-in-one" - Powerful humidity control, heating & cooling and air circulation.
  • Can replace a heating/cooling system.
  • Heating mode: Steady temperature increase during cold nights for optimal climate conditions.
  • Cooling mode: Reduce temperatures without risking high humidity and disease, as opposed to other cooling methods, such as wet pod.
For EU countries only
930 mm
3’ -0 3/4”
933 mm
2,320 mm + 350 mm of the hot/cold water coil pipes
7’ -7 1/4” + 1'-1 3/4" of the hot/cold water coil pipes
2,570 + 300 mm of the hot/cold water coil pipes
Height*2,185 mm
(2,545 mm with air
distribution module)
(8'-4 1\4" with air
distribution module)
2,070 mm (2,570 mm with air distribution module)
Water condensation
@18 °C ,80% RH
24 L/h6 G/h25 L/h
Air flow~12,000 m3/h~ 7,000 CFM~13,000 m3/h
Electricity consumption6 kw6.5 kw
Area coverageUp to 2,000 m2 Up to 21,000 ft2Up to 2,000 m2
Weight~600 kg~1,320 lb~890 kg
Type of RefrigerantR507R507R513a
Electricity requirements60 Hz3 phase, 208V, 60 Hz
I(Oper. max)= 30 Amp
3 phase, 460V, 60 Hz
I(Oper. max)= 16 Amp
50 Hz3 phase, 400V, 50 Hz
I(Oper. max)= 18 Amp
3 phase, 400V, 50 Hz
I(oper. max) = 35 Amp

Heating & Cooling – Temperature control

The heating & cooling unit can gradually increase or decrease temperatures alongside advanced humidity control.

learn about DryGair’s greenhouse dehumidification combined with heating & cooling

This unit is available with the SmartDG upgrade – Realtime Humidity Control & Data.

Air Circulation:

Why does air circulation matter so much?

The DG-6 uses double-sided air input and has a patent protected design that creates uniform and constant climate conditions throughout the entire greenhouse. The powerful air circulation (7,000 CFM or 12,000 m3/h) is a clear advantage for commercial greenhouses with high plant density.

When the greenhouse is isolated, the unit collects the cold and humid air from between the plants, and “throws” it dry and warm in each direction to create unique 360° flow of dry air around the plants’ foliage.

Powerful Dehumidification:

Why do you need professional humidity control for greenhouse crops? 

The unit is designed to condense 24* L/h (6 G/h) of water, ~288 L/night (12 hours) (~76 G/night), the highest extraction rate on the market. It utilizes only 12 kW of electricity.

*At designed conditions of 18°C, 80% RH

Covered Area:

When calculating the area that can be covered by a single DG-6 heating & cooling unit it is important to take in consideration plant density, average daily temperature and radiation intensity. We use the “Leaf area index” (LAI) to characterize plant canopies and recommended number of units for the best results:

DryGair DG-6 covered area LAI
1,500 to 2,000 m2 1-2 (For example micro leaves)
Up to 1,000 m2 2-3 (For example Basil)
Up to 750-1,000 m2 3-4 (For example Tomatoes)
Up to 500 m2 4+ (For example Medical Cannabis)
  • Contact us for information about your LAI

Related products and add-ons

Minimize Energy Consumption & get Fast ROI with the “DryGair Solution”:

The DryGair Solution growing concept is based on closing the greenhouse, fully spreading the thermal screen (if applicable), and operating the DryGair unit. The unit heat-exchange technology treats the air, circulating it throughout the crops to create optimal uniform climate conditions for the plants. The unit utilizes the fans to suck the humid air from between the plants from the bottom of the greenhouse.

The DryGair Solution gives the grower the ability to control humidity levels and achieve homogeneous climatic conditions for long period of time while preventing 100% of heat loss from ventilation, and without the fluctuations typical to the traditional dehumidification solution of heating & ventilating.

DryGair dehumidification ROI




DG-6 Heating & Cooling - Split

~7,000 CFM
We understand the growers’ need to maximize the utilization of greenhouse space using tables and machinery. The DG-6 heating & cooling split unit can be positioned according to the greenhouse’s specific limitations.
  • Easy integration in complex growing facilities with one or more levels of crop, moving\non moving tables, no aisles, low roofs etc'
  • Identical performance to the standard DG-6 heating & cooling unit
  • Spraying booms can move under the units.
  • The bottom compartment houses the isolated compressor department. The top compartment includes fans, evaporation and condensation coils, and heating & cooling coils.
For EU countries only
Upper partLower partUpper partLower part
1,120 mm (3'- 8")
820 mm (2'-8 1/4")
933 mm
820 mm
2,300 mm ( 7' - 6 1/2") + 350 mm (1'-1 3/4") of the hot/cold water coil pipes
1,655 mm (5'- 5 1/4")
2,570 mm + 300 mm of the hot/cold water coil pipes
1,900 mm
Hight*1,300 mm (4'-3 1/4").
+~500 mm (1'-7 3/4") with
air distribution module
950 mm (3'-1 1/2")1,290 mm.
1,800 mm with air distribution
950 mm
Weight~550 kg (1,200 Ib)~325 kg (710 lb)~565 kg~375 kg

The split unit includes two sections:

• Lower section that includes the compressor and the electrical switchboard.
• Upper section in which the air treatment is performed.

Both the upper and lower sections have a pair of copper tubes that should be connected between them, connecting the compressor to the air handling section of the unit. The split unit sections can be placed one next to each other, or one above the other (air treatment section above the compressor and electrical switchboard). In both cases, the upper unit must be at a height of at least 50–60 cm from the floor.

This unit is available with the SmartDG upgrade – Realtime Humidity Control & Data.

For information about the DG-6 heating & cooling split unit installation options please contact us with the form below

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