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4.2 GPH
~4,000 CFM
The DGX – a brand new dehumidifier dedicated to indoor cultivation, small greenhouses and drying rooms. The new DG-X is DryGair's entry model and features all of the advantages of the company's larger dehumidifiers such as 360° air circulation, best in class water extraction rate, and powerful fans (4,000 CFM / 6,800 sq\m) for uniform climate conditions.
  • Optimal water extraction rate and energy efficiency for both 80°F (26°C) / 60% RH & 64°F (18°C) / 80% RH.
  • Cube-like shape, combined with the ability to be hung or placed between plants makes it ideal for indoor facilities and small greenhouses where space is limited and shared with other components.
  • Features a digital display screen and controller.
1,000 mm
1,080 mm
Height*1,000 mm
(~ 1,370 mm with air
distribution module)
(+~1 feet with air
distribution module)
Water condensation
@27°C (80°F) ,60% RH
16 L/h4.23 G/h
Air flow~6,800 m3/h~ 4,000 CFM
Electricity consumption4.8 kw4.8 kw
Weight~320 kg~705 lb
Electricity requirements60 Hz1 phase, 230 V, 60 Hz
I(Oper. max)= 35 Amp
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