DryGair is a plug-and-play solution that growers can easily integrate and operate in their growing facility.

Simply turning on the unit will provide a significant reduction in humidity. However, in order to get the best results with DryGair, it’s important to match the right units and dehumidification capacity to each unique space. It’s also important to operate the units correctly, and adjust growing protocols in order to achieve the best conditions, at the lowest energy cost.

To achieve this, we encourage growers to consult with our team of experts in order to figure out the right solution and operation protocol. This is a service we provide freely for new and existing customers.


It’s our mission to ensure every grower is satisfied with DryGair. That means full humidity control and maximum energy savings.
DryGair’s Team of Experts
Amir Kandlik
Amir KandlikAgronomist
Dan Peltinov
Dan PeltinovDryGair's Chief Engineer
Dr. Avraham Arbel
Dr. Avraham ArbelAgriculture Climate Engineer
Shabtai Cohen
Shabtai CohenAgronomist, Researcher

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