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Governments and public organizations all over the world, offer support programs and grants for sustainable farming, energy and water efficiency, and carbon footprint reduction related methods. DryGair solution entitles the grower to several of these grants.

DryGair Energies provides general information on how our solution can fit into the different programs of agricultural grants for growers.

A grower buying DryGair solution can apply according to various support programs, granting according to energy efficiency criteria, water conservation criteria, and reduction in carbon emission criteria.

By saving a significant amount of heating energy, DryGair solution allows growers to reduce fossil fuel or gas consumption for heating in greenhouses, thus, reducing carbon emissions according to requirements of the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris.

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DryGair removes 45 L/h (12 G/h) of pure water which means ~600 L/night (~160 G/night). DryGair allows growers to recycle large amounts of purified water which can be used for irrigation or for any other purpose. For example: Assume there is a greenhouse pepper grower with DryGair unit that covers 1,250 m2. The grower irrigates around 5,500 L (1453 G) of water per day for that area. The unit condenses ~600 liters (~160 G) in 13 hours evening-night operation- 11% of the water invested in the growing process is returned to grower = Water Saving. These quantities of purified water can be collected and reused (after enriching it with minerals) while contributing to sustainable water management.

DryGair units are highly energy efficient and provide the highest liters removed per kWh ratio on the market. Using 10 kWh, it is able to remove 45 L/h (12 G/h) which leads to 4.5 liters per kWh (more than 1 Gallon per kWh) – remarkable numbers compared to other equivalent scale products. DryGair users report up to 80% energy savings. With an airflow of 22,000 m3, the unit provides perfect air distribution in the greenhouse. DryGair’s COP (Coefficient of Performance) is 8, which makes it a highly efficient solution compared to the competitors.

The rural settlements are often tied to the agricultural sector. Agriculture is challenging work; it requires growers’ expertise and knowledge in order to save costs and increase income.

DryGair solution is characterized by fast ROI (Return on Investment) and contributes to improving the growers’ work and quality of life.

Organic growers cannot use conventional pesticides and are obligated to grow according to specific requirements. Since DryGair helps growers prevent diseases and makes the use of some pesticides unnecessary, it makes growing organic easier.

Except for water and energy conservation, DryGair units’ components are environmentally friendly and designed to meet the highest standards around the world. DryGair units only use approved refrigerant which reduces the damage to the environment, the ozone layer, and the crops.

The DryGair concept saves a significant amount of heating energy and allows the grower to use renewable energy, thus reducing CO2 emissions. In addition, the concept allows the grower to close the greenhouse (when applicable) and re-use the CO2 required for the plants instead of releasing it to the outside air.

Because of DryGair’s capabilities, growers can reduce pesticides/fungicides usage, save money and make the environment greener.

DryGair prevents humidity diseases by creating improved climate conditions. This way, it not only reduces pesticides usage but reduces selective pressure for creating resistance to pesticides.

DryGair controls the humidity, thus preventing humidity diseases. Humidity diseases, such as botrytis (grey mold) and mildew, harm yield and reduce its quantities. In addition, the DryGair concept improves the growing conditions and increases the quality and quantity of the market yield.

DryGair prevents diseases by treating the air, thus saving expensive working hours usually required for spraying, leaf cutting, pesticide treatment, and more.

DryGair allows the grower to produce more yield for less input.  Increasing quality and quantity while using less energy, water, pesticides, and reducing labor hours.

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