Drying rooms are an essential part of horticulture. Some crops, most notably cannabis, require drying before further processing, or before distribution to end-consumers.

Learn about the challenges of drying large amounts of produce effectively and efficiently.

Why Cannabis Drying Rooms Need Dehumidifiers

Why Cannabis Drying Rooms Need Dehumidifiers Drying rooms are an integral part of cannabis production, and necessary for its drying process. Post-harvest flowers still contain approximately 80% water, which needs to be removed before the dry buds can be sold or provided to patients. This makes drying room dehumidifiers Read More ›

Dehumidification is Key in Cannabis Cultivation

Why Dehumidification Is Key In Cannabis CultivationDryGair's Hadar Fuchs-Rubal spoke to MMJDaily regarding the importance of dehumidification in cannabis cultivation. This interview was originally published on MMJDaily February 5th, 2019. A great number of medical cannabis operations are carried out within greenhouses or indoor environments. Unlike outdoor grows, these Read More ›

Hemp – Uses, Cultivation and Drying

Hemp – History, Cultivation and How to Dry Hemp Hemp refers to strains of cannabis sativa with very low levels of THC. Usually under 0.3%, too low for commercial recreational use. Regardless of the lack of THC, many consider it a super-crop, with an especially wide range of Read More ›

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