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The Need

Humidity Diseases

Humidity diseases

Humidity diseases harm the crop, reduce the yield (quantity and quality) and…

can be infectious and spread the damage to surrounding plants and greenhouses. Humidity diseases have a direct negative impact on crop’s marketing.

High Energy Cost

High energy costs

During the last decade energy prices increased rapidly…

leading growers to look for alternative growing tools in order to reduce their costs.

Limitation on the Usage of Pesticides

Restrictions on the usage of pesticides

Today’s trends are promoting healthier food…

Customers, authorities and marketing chains apply high requirements for high-quality production with limited authorized pesticides usage.

Greener environment and sustainability

Green environment

The agriculture industry plays a huge part in the effort to save our planet…

Greenhouses require attention and adjustments in order to reduce the pollution created during their operation.

Better yield: quality and quantity

Climate change

Extreme weather conditions force the grower to find…

a solution to control the climate conditions inside the greenhouse and to reduce the impact of the global climate change.

Prevention of humidity diseases Reduction of the need for pesticides

Ongoing efforts to reduce growers’ current expenses

The high competition in the agriculture industry,…

the globalization process, and alternative suppliers from other countries reduce market prices and encourage growers to become more efficient.

Less CO2 loss

Local production

Governments wish to encourage local food…

growing, therefore they support their local farmers.

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Increase in the demand for agricultural products

World population grows steadily and thus so does…

the demand for fresh agriculture products, while resources are diminishing.

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