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Combined heating & Cooling

DryGair’s combined dehumidification and heating/cooling solution provides both dehumidification and temperature conditioning in one unit. It is Available as Standard, Small, and Split units. As part of the DryGair concept, the unit distributes warm or cool air above the plants, depending on the grower’s need, enabling better control of the plant’s temperature and better distribution of the air temperature inside the greenhouse.

How does it work?

  • The combined heating and cooling unit is equipped with an additional internal system containing a coil which acts as a heat exchanger.
  • The coil is heated or cooled using an external supply of water. Hot or cold water runs through the coil, and the dry air passes through this coil, changing its temperature, heating or cooling it.
  • This heated or cooled air is dispersed uniformly throughout the entire growing facility, utilizing DryGair’s unique, patented air distribution module. This creates optimal climate conditions for the plants – ideal temperature and relative humidity levels.

For the best results it is recommended to close the greenhouse, thereby avoiding the energy loss associated with ventilation, and treat the air using DryGair.

greenhouse humidity control plants humidity control

For Optimal results

Close the greenhouse


Avoid energy loss


Treat humidity with DryGair

Benefits of Combined Heating & Cooling:

Benefits of Combined Heating & Cooling:

  • Reduced initial investment for heating and cooling infrastructure
  • Energy efficiency
  • Smart water usage
  • Efficient use of space
  • Reduce acclimation equipment
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