DG-12 Heating & Cooling Split

All-in-One, Powerful Humidity Control, Heating & Cooling, Patented Air Circulation

DG-12 Heating & Cooling Split
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Water Extraction

45 L/H

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Air Circulation

~22,000 M³/H

Patent Protected

Patent Protected

DG-12 heating & cooling split combines our innovative solution for heating and/or night-time cooling with flexible positioning for optimal space management. The unit can gradually heat or cool the dried air flowing out of the dehumidifier. Heating and cooling requires an external hot or cold water source. Specifications are calculated by the DryGair team on a case-by-case basis. The separate parts can be placed one above the other, or side by side, at a maximum distance of 4 meters.

DryGair dehumidifiers are designed by a team of agronomists and climate engineers to address humidity, specifically in cultivation settings. Our team also assists every single grower in choosing the best solution for their unique facility and environment. DryGair is manufactured to uphold the highest standard, and comply with GMP regulations. DG-12 comes in 2 variations (50 Hz and 60 Hz), in order to accommodate growers worldwide.

The DG-12 series includes: DG-12 Standard, DG-12 Split, DG-12 Heating & Cooling, DG-12 Heating & Cooling Split.

DG-12 Series Features

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  • DG-12 Heating and cooling

Technical Details

Depth Upper Part930 mm
Width Upper Part2,320 mm
Height Upper Part
1,740 mm, 2,240 mm with air distribution module (exact height can be adjusted)
Weight Upper Part~600 kg
Depth Lower Part815 mm
Width Lower Part1,900 mm
Height Lower Part
940 mm (exact height can be adjusted)
Weight Lower Part~330 kg
Max. Distance Between Parts4 m
Optimal °C Range10°C – 25°C
Water Condensation45 L/h @18°C ,80% RH
Air Flow~22,000 m³/h
Electricity Consumption10 kW
Electricity Requirements3 phase, 400V, 50Hz
I(Oper. max) = 31 Amp
Hot Water Pipe Connection1 ¼”
Type of RefrigerantR507

Technical Sketches

Technical Videos

How to install 3 phase DryGair units
How to reset your DryGair unit

Smart DG

Smart DG by DryGair

An interface that lets growers monitor and control their DryGair units remotely and locally. The Smart DG system includes an interactive platform that collects data and provides full control over DryGair units. The system includes a smart sensor and physical offline interface, integrated into the dehumidifier. It also provides a remote interface which is accessible through any web browser, on any device (PC, smartphone, etc.).

Available Add-Ons

Air Filter

The air filters cover the coils on both sides of the unit and protect it from dust and small debris particles. They come with a magnetic frame for easy attachment and detachment for cleaning, and do not impede airflow into the machine.

Castors (Wheels)

Add castors to DryGair units for easy transport in the growing facility. The wheels add ~9 cm (~3.5″) to the unit’s height.

Protective Wire Net

This robust metal cover protects the outer coils on both sides of the machine from physical damage. The cover is screwed around the coils on both sides of the unit.

Resistance To Chemicals And Sulphur

This coating treatment will protect the coils, inner copper components and welded parts from corrosion and will provide resistance to various harmful agents and particles. Contact us for the full list of chemicals.

Side Canopy

Unidirectional hoods For units positioned on the side of growing facilities. This side canopy will direct the unit’s airflow in one or two directions depending on the needs of the facility. Sizes: Height 850 mm (33.5″), Depth  910 mm (36″), Width 910 mm (36″)

Silencing Component

Noise reducing add-on suppresses noise from compressor operation.

Status Signal Light

External light to signal unit activity, stand-by mode, and errors.

Water Meter

DryGair Smart DG units can be installed with a high-end water meter to enable measurement of the amount of water extracted by the unit. It is attached to the drainage pipe at the bottom part of the unit and measures the amount of water by pulses of 100 ml. (3.4 oz.) The meter is directly connected to the main controller and has a battery that will last for 10 years. By Arad group.

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