‘A New Way to Grow’ is an innovative greenhouse growing concept, developed to optimize growth, and minimize energy requirements.
This is a simple concept, that relies on 3 basic principles:
  • Close greenhouse windows and vents and deploy thermal screens

  • Supplement with efficient LED lighting
  • Use DryGair to control humidity from inside
Close the Greenhouse – Spread Thermal Screens

Closing the greenhouse vents and windows lets you retain heat inside, significantly reducing heating requirements. Improving insulation, and spreading one or multiple thermal screens, further reduces air exchange and heat loss.
Gain full control over the greenhouse climate, with minimal energy loss.

Optimize Lighting with Efficient LED Lights

Modern, efficient LED lights provide ideal lighting for crops, at a fraction of the energy costs, compared to traditional lighting technologies.
Use efficient lighting to create the best conditions for photosynthesis – improve plant growth and crop health.

Create Ideal Growing Conditions with DryGair

Closed greenhouses are naturally humid environments. Which is why growers traditionally ventilate. However, using DryGair, growers can completely control humidity, without any air exchange.
DryGair creates the ideal conditions for plant growth and disease prevention, and allows growers to significantly reduce energy loss.
The DryGair solution is proven to save more than 50%, on average, on greenhouse energy costs.

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