DryGair dehumidifiers, developed for professional growers, provide the leading solution for greenhouse cultivation.

Control humidity, prevent diseases, save energy.

The DryGair solution is an innovative and environmentally friendly growing concept, designed to efficiently treat humidity in greenhouses. Using DryGair to control humidity helps growers reduce energy expenses, as well as pesticide use, and contributes to larger yields and higher quality.

DryGair is built for all crops – including vegetables, herbs and leafy greens, flowers, cannabis, and more.

Learn How DryGair Works
Use DryGair to Ensure Ideal Greenhouse Conditions

Greenhouse humidity is complex, and every greenhouse has its own dehumidification requirements.

There are numerous factors that affect greenhouse humidity. Temperature, both inside and outside, day length, radiation, plant size and density, geography, and more, all greatly impact dehumidification requirements.

To ensure your crops grow in the best conditions, our team of experts calculates the exact dehumidification capacity required to handle the humidity in your greenhouse.

The Benefits of DryGair in Greenhouses
  • Save Energy
  • Prevent Molds and Diseases Without Pesticides (Such as Botrytis)
  • Create Uniform Climate Conditions
  • Improve Produce Quality
  • Increase Yields
  • Save Water
DryGair’s Patented Air Circulation Ensures Uniform Climate Conditions

The DryGair solution combines powerful dehumidification with a patented air circulation design that delivers 360° air flow distribution.

DryGair’s air circulation concept ensures the treated air reaches all corners of the greenhouse evenly, creating homogenous conditions, including relative humidity and temperature, throughout the entire greenhouse.

Why Growers Prefer DryGair

DryGair controls humidity, saves energy, and prevents diseases, while providing the best ROI in its class.
Consult our team of experts to figure out the right solution for your needs.

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