DryGair Energies Ltd. was established in 2010 in order to design, develop and market an efficient and environmentally friendly dehumidification solution for horticultural projects. Since then, DryGair has been leading the horticulture humidity control market, specializing in dehumidification and humidity monitoring.
Why Develop DryGair?
The DryGair solution was developed to address growers’ needs to reduce energy consumption and costs, and improve the environmental footprint of the horticulture sector.
Sustainability is one of the leading values behind DryGair, providing one of the most effective means to reduce energy consumption in horticulture.
Addressing environmental issues is a major part of DryGair’s mission, and we work constantly to improve and maintain high ESG factors.
Why Growers Prefer DryGair
DryGair’s horticultural and engineering knowledge and experience are infused into our top of the line products, built with the highest manufacturing standards.
Using DryGair, growers can substantially reduce energy consumption, by cutting the need for heating and ventilating. It also helps prevent common diseases, improves crop quality and yields, and reduces CO2 waste.
DryGair provides a key element in climate control, giving growers much more than just humidity control.
Return on Investment
One of DryGair’s greatest advantages is the fast return on investment.
DryGair dehumidifiers provide the best ROI in commercial horticulture humidity control, making it the leading dehumidifier brand in key markets.
DryGair’s ROI is dependent on energy costs.
Higher energy prices = Shorter return on investment period.
Customers First
We put our customers’ needs at top priority, and we’re always available to provide uncompromising support.
As our customers say, DryGair is a vital, must-have growing tool.
We’re proud of our unique solution and are certain any grower would be proud to have #DryGairInside.
DryGair Energies Ltd. shareholders are Misha Refrigeration Ltd. and Antan Investment GmbH:

Misha Refrigeration Ltd.

Responsible for the Technology Aspect of the Company

Misha Refrigeration

With over 60 years of experience and know-how in refrigeration, air treatment technologies, and solutions for agriculture, pharmaceutical, and additional industries.

For more information: www.misha-ref.com

Antan Investment GmbH

German Family-owned Investment Group

Antan Investment Group

Operating since 1950. As part of its philosophy, the group invests in sustainable projects and companies in the agriculture and energy industries, focusing on alternative energy and energy saving solutions.
For more information www.antan.de

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